Simple Steps to Saving SEO When Changing Your Domain

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Sometimes your business goes through a rebrand or you decide to purchase a domain name that is better suited to your business. Domain name relocations can be disastrous to your SEO when not done correctly. Our team at Qode Media is able to effectively help your business migrate to a new domain name while following a comprehensive list of steps to try and preserve your SEO. Below are a few tips from our SEO team when trying to change your domain names yourself. Contact your web host first Always contact your website host before making any changes to your site and let them know exactly what you plan on doing. They could recommend a specific set of steps that seem to work well with their hosting system or just simple double check your domain and site configuration to make sure there’s nothing technically wrong that could jeopardize your migration. Back up your site Regularly back up your site, but definitely do it before making any sort of domain changes. In the event that something goes terribly wrong, you’ll want to make sure that you have a backup. Websites could become incredibly corrupt if something was to time out during the migration or if there was a power outage. Always have a backup. Change the setting for WordPress Inside your general settings in WordPress, there’s two setting that allow you to change the “Wordpress address” and “Site address”. Make sure you change both of these so that Wordress knows exactly what domain it should be pointing to. Change all internal linking Changing all of your internal linking to reflect your new domain is key. This process can be extremely easy especially if using a third party plugin. It’s important to make sure all inner linking is changed to your new domain as to avoid any broken backlinks. These simple tips can definitely help you in making your change to a new domain. For optimal results contact Qode Media and have one of our SEO specialists take care of your website migration. Qode Media is the best SEO and Internet marketing company in Toronto, providing low-cost SEO services. Contact us today by using our online form or by giving us a call at...

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Google Chrome: The New Most Popular Web Browser

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The web browser wars have been waging for some time, and the battle for being the top browser has long been won by Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE). According to the latest data released by market tracker NetMarketShare, Internet Explorer has been dethroned as the most used desktop web browser; for the first time, Google Chrome has edged out the competition and become the leader of the web browser popularity contest. According to NetMarketShare data, for the month of April Google Chrome saw 41.66% of all desktop web browser traffic. With competitors Mozilla’s Firefox, Apple’s Safari, and Internet Explorer in its rearview mirror, Google Chrome has become the leading web browser of choice for users. Why is this news? Well, Microsoft has continuously lead the web browser game with Internet Explorer, so it comes as a surprise that it has been defeated for the first time. Some may say that Internet Explorer fell short of the leading place in the past, which may be true. But this marks the first time that the consensus of all reputable data and market trackers place Google Chrome in the top spot. From its debut in 2008, Chrome has steadily gained user share, but has not been able to overtake Internet Explorer for the title of most used web browser. However, Internet Explorer and its newer modernized browser colleague, Edge, have seen declining numbers of user shares in recent years. What makes Google Chrome’s “most popular” ranking more impressive is that Internet Explorer comes bundled as the default browser with the Windows operating system (except for Windows 10, which uses Edge.) And on any Mac, Safari is the default browser. This means that in order for Windows or Mac users to choose Google Chrome as their default browser, they must go to the effort of manually installing it and setting it as the default browser. So, Google Chrome is enjoying the fruits of these browser conversions, as it shows in the increase in their user share data. No matter what web browser you use, the most important thing for your business is ranking on SERPs! At Qode Media, we know our stuff when it comes to search engine optimization and web design.  For help with all your digital marketing needs, come to us- the best SEO and Internet marketing company in Toronto! To contact us today, fill out our convenient online form or call us at 416-208-0157....

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How “Near Me” Can Help Your Business Grow

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Local searches are on the rise as more and more users take their searches to mobile devices. “Near me” or “nearby” has become an increasingly searched topic along with specific store titles or broad topics; such as “sushi near me”. This trend seems to be getting more and more popular; as we learn how to use this popular search term to our advantage. Qode Media has the best tips to help your business grow with “near me” searches. Generally if someone searched for something in the area they’ll receive the top three ranking searches shown on the Google Map. However, if they search for the same thing and add “near me” the results could be completely different. The near me searches can help any business, as it’ll put you on the map even though you may not be ranking in the top three for that specific search term. It’s important to note that being the closest doesn’t mean you’re going to definitely be listed in a “near me” search. You  still have to do some SEO on your business page to rank in the near me searches. Below is a list of tips on how to help you rank in the “near me” searches.      Make sure your business name, address and phone number are listed on your website.      Properly set up “Google My Business” and the business Google Plus pages. If you have multiple locations make sure that this is set up for each location to avoid confusion. If you have multiple locations make that extremely transparent in your page, as Googlebots need to easily recognize there is multiple locations.      Encourage people to leave positive reviews for your business. Google reviews can have a positive impact on your map ranking based on high rated reviews. Optimizing your website for SEO ranking can be extremely complicated. Our expert team at Qode Media provides the best SEO and Internet marketing services in Toronto; don’t stress about your Google ranking, let us take care of it for you. Contact one of our Qode Media representatives today by using our online form or by giving us a call at...

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The Potential Biometric Future of Google SERPs

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Google is continually innovating and improving its search results so users get the most relevant answers to their queries. This means that SEO has drastically evolved over time to improve the rank of webpages in Google SERPs, and stay up to date with Google’s ever-changing algorithms. Now, in a bid for constant evolution and innovation, Google has its eye on changing the search-result game once again, and this time it’s personal. Google is looking to get personal with its users, and with a patent filed, is set to introduce measuring biometric data into its search results. Briefly, biometrics refers to the analysis of biological features or characteristics. What does this mean for users? Well, if Google were able to gauge your personal reaction to the pages that rank for your search query, it would be beneficial to providing the most relevant pages tailored to you. The vision for Google’s biometric future has the user’s biological reactions as a component of search result ranking. One method may be to use your smartphone’s camera to read your facial expressions in response to the search results you see. The patent also frameworks the measurement of body temperature, heart rate, blink rate, pupil dilation, and facial flushing to assess your response to the search results Google presents. The abstract on the patent file includes the statement: “If one or more of biometric parameters of a user indicate likely negative engagement by the user with the first search result, an additional search result is obtained and provided in response to the search query.” Thus, if your biometric reactions communicate that you are not satisfied with the results presented, different relevant results will be provided to improve your satisfaction. And, if your heart rate rises and you smile, they will know which content satisfies your interest. The biometric data would be used to give search query results a “satisfaction score” which would adjust the results displayed to you in the future. This high level of personalization tailors search results to each individual, and puts the user at the center of the experience. Navigating the world of Google SERPs, SEO, and a potential biometric future can be formidable. As Toronto’s best SEO company, Qode Media can help your business find a place in Google’s top ranking. When you need web design and SEO experts, we are happy to help-get your free website analysis today, or call us at 416-208-0157....

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AI, Naming Conventions, and What This Means for SEO

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It was a fad that we all remember too well from the MSN Messenger days: we’d login only to spend hours talking to SmarterChild, the intelligent bot developed to keep you company and chat about unimportant things. Although companies have continued to spend billions of dollars on artificial intelligence, most have kept pretty quiet about spending money on developing online chatbots (with a few notable exceptions). Both Facebook and Microsoft have recently expressed an interested in using online chatbots for both customer service and entertainment.   Last month Microsoft debuted the abysmal Tay– a Twitter bot that chatted with users and grew smarter with continued interaction. Within 24 hours of learning user behaviour, Tay became vulgar and racist, repeating many of the things users were saying to her online. Tay became short-lived, with Microsoft pulling the plug on the project shortly after. Today Microsoft debuted CaptionBot, it’s newest AI experiment. In CaptionBot users can upload a photo and it generates a caption based on what the algorithm can find. Rating how accurately the caption was (in theory) will make CaptionBot learn how to better caption photos.   With the growing number of AI bots fishing for information, SEO and naming conventions are more important than ever. CaptionBot uses part of the Bing Image Search API to return results, and Facebook’s planned customer service bots will return information likely sourced from the net. Image optimization has always been an important part of SEO; creating the proper naming conventions and imbedding proper tags into photos has always been key in proper image optimization. If bots are creating image captions based on what information they have, your SEO optimization for your images needs to be key to ensure these bots will give the right information. Qode Media has a few tips on properly optimizing your photos:   Properly name your images- don’t upload images with random letters or numbers as the title. Carefully create alternate tags for your images. Adding proper tags will not only help both the image and your website rank. Have multiple images for products and tag them accordingly. If you have an interior and exterior image of a car, tag them as such. Reduce your file sizes- images with smaller file sizes tend to rank better. If you have some fancy script to load images, chances are they’re not being ranked. Use Google’s image sitemap to list any images so web crawlers can find them.   So, how will AI captions and image identification affect SEO? Will CaptionBot’s image descriptions influence any changes to the Bing image search results? What are your thoughts? Optimizing your website and images can be tough. Our tips can definitely help in optimizing your site but if you’re looking to receive the best SEO services Qode Media is the solution. We’re the best SEO and Internet marketing company in Toronto, providing low-cost SEO services. Contact one of our Qode Media representatives today by using our online form or by giving us a call at 416-208-0157....

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SEO Techniques to Show Quick Results

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Search Engine Optimization is an investment that proves its value over time. But if you’re looking to see results faster, there are some simple techniques that will help you beat the SEO waiting game. Optimize existing content Improving the optimization of a strong existing page, already ranking in the SERPs, is more effective than getting a new page to show quick results. When a page is already ranking, you can assess the content that has worked well and resulted in conversions. Content that ranks in the top 3 sees the most traffic, so target content ranked in position 3-10. This way, you can build on pages that are converting and improve bounce rates, showing quick results in a short amount of time. On-page optimization Improve upon the ranking of existing pages by adapting the on-page ranking factors to improve their SEO efficacy. If you detect internal pages that share related content with your target page, create internal links that connect related content to your target page. Then, share on Google+ and submit the page to Google to be crawled. Optimize for search intent It is important for a page to correspond with the correct search terms. If your page ranks well with a search term that does not fit the page, it could drive up bounce rates and lower ranking. To remedy this, you have a few options: you can add a section to the existing article that better fits the search intent it ranks for. You can rewrite the article to strategically appeal to the relevant keywords that have been driving the most traffic, or write a new page that answers the search terms with keyword-rich anchor text. Featured Snippets Featured Snippets appear at the top of the Google SERPs, so being featured greatly increases your exposure, and drives traffic to your site. By searching the Google Search Console for rankings containing queries, you can pick out the top keywords with the highest volume of traffic that are relevant to your content. Optimize your page by providing a detailed but concise answer to the relevant query, and add additional information to the page that the reader would find helpful. Share your page on Google+ and submit it to be indexed. These changes will increase your chances of nabbing that coveted Featured Snippet spot. Improve rank for converting pages To find out the pages that are converting, look to Google Analytics. Determine the keywords that are driving traffic using Search Console. Also, paid campaigns will reveal the top-converting keywords. Focus on the successful keywords and pages, as they will prove the efficacy of your SEO. There are several ways to prove thevalue of investing in quality SEO. If you would like to know more about how SEO can boost your business’ online presence, we are here to help. As the best SEO company and Internet marketing in Toronto, Qode Media can effectively implement an SEO strategy to have your web page in top ranking. Contact us today by calling 416-208-0157 or fill out our convenient online form– we look forward to working with you!...

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The SEO difference between WordPress and Squarespace

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It’s no secret that WordPress and Squarespace are among the most popular content management systems (CMS) used today.  Millions of people around the world use both systems to manage their websites. Both of these systems are coded and run completely differently; your website’s SEO raking is inherently already affected just based on the CMS that you’ve decided to use. This got our Qode Media team wondering just how much each system affects SEO.   WordPress has been the leading choice for CMS for many people. The extensive library of SEO plugins and management services allows for each aspect of your site to be optimized specifically. There are hundreds of plugins that give you advanced optimization options unavailable otherwise. For some, the ability to be in charge of each specific SEO option is the perfect reason to choose WordPress.   Squarespace on the other hand doesn’t have any SEO customization options at all; in fact, Squarespace claims that “Squarespace sites come completely optimized for SEO out of the box without you having to do anything at all.” Users don’t have as much control over SEO features like sitemaps, title descriptions and search engine descriptions as they’re coded right into the theme; there aren’t any SEO plugins to make any customizations. Although not ideal for customizing SEO the way you want, the simplicity of Squarespace’s SEO allows for people who aren’t as well versed in SEO practices to provide basic optimization for their site.   Both systems have their own specific advantages regardless of their SEO integration.  Each system is unique and can definitely benefit a brand based on their functionality. However, having great SEO optimization is a pretty big deal to us; that’s why we’re the best SEO and Internet marketing company in Toronto.  If you’re looking for low-cost and Toronto SEO services, contact one of our Qode Media representatives today by using our online form or by giving us a call at...

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Benefits of Effective Social Media Marketing for your Business

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You already know that having astellar website is key to your business’ online success, but have you unlocked the marketing goldmine that social media offers? Many business owners believe that a great website can stand-alone as their online representation, but in this day in age, social media is king of the online castle. Building a social media marketing strategy that is effective and eye-catching takes skill and know-how, but when you reach the summit, the benefits are limitless! Here’s how your business can benefit fromeffective social media marketing: Your content gets noticed (by a lot of people) The biggest social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, are a part of the general public’s everyday life. Your consumers are checking their profiles every day, in most cases. Therefore, when a business presents valuable content by posting their latest blog to their Facebook page, or tweeting a link to their most popular products, a vast network of people can see and interact with that content. Also, if you utilize multiple social media platforms, content can be dispersed over each, exposing it to the masses. The best part is that if your customers like what they see they will share your content, spreading it across an even larger network of people! Content is key, and great head turning content will drive traffic to your website, and result in more conversions than just hoping people stumble upon your website. Interactivity with your audience Consumers are more connected than ever to their favourite brands and businesses via social media. They are an invaluable resource to any company, because it’s all about what they want. Customers can provide instant feedback, comments, or complaints through your social media channels- it’s like having a focus group at your fingertips! The customer knows best, and their reactions to your online content will help your business determine what is working, and what could use some improvement. Improves your Google rank When your business has a reliable reputation online, and your audience interacts with your content, Google takes note. Social media posts are a great opportunity for backlinking to your website. This drives up the popularity of your webpage, and expands your business’ online presence. In simple terms, the more popular your website, the easier it will be to find. The world of social media marketing can be tricky, if you aren’t familiar with it. We know you think Qode Media is Toronto’s best SEO and Internet marketing company, but wait until you see what Qode Social can do for your business....

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Apple changes cloud services from Amazon to Google

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Google, the leading search engine, can now add Apple to the list of companies who rely on their cloud services. Late last year Apple signed a deal with Google for it’s Google Cloud Platform; reducing it’s dependability from Amazon Web Services which is used to help run parts of Apple’s iCloud service. Although Apple now largely depends on the Google Cloud Platform, it still remains a client of AWS. According to sources Apple has invested $400 to $600 million dollars in Google’s Cloud Platform. The cloud platform is used to store iCloud photos, and music from people who have Apple Music or iTunes Match accounts. Google Cloud Platform is has been consistently labeled the least popular cloud service of the major three (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform) so inking a huge deal with Apple will definitely give Google a huge advantage into securing new customers.   Amazon has been the lead choice for cloud services for most startups (and enterprises) raking in more than two billion dollars in the fourth quarter of 2015 alone; in comparison Google made under $300 million. Amazon has more cloud capacity then it’s fourteen top competitors combined! Since Amazon is the lead provider for cloud services it might be hard to understand why Apple would make the switch to Google services.   Experts suggest that Google’s large fiber network is said to be a major advantage over competitors. Google is constantly expanding its fiber infrastructure making speeds that much faster and cheaper for clients. Google is also dedicated to extending their fiber reach to more areas increasing overall coverage. With all of these updates to its infrastructure, Google is able to offer superior performance at competitive pricing.   Although Amazon won’t feel the financial burden from losing Apple as a major client, it’s interesting to see what this change will bring to the Apple service and if other companies will follow suit and change to Google as well. Google provided amazing cloud services; just like Qode Media provides stellar SEO solutions. Contact Qode Media, your Toronto SEO experts for all your SEO...

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Toronto SEO specialists Qode Media’s take on Google’s new experimental podium

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The latest experiment in Google search result formatting has rolled out, and is making waves in the industry. Google has revealed “an experimental new podium” for its users, using the US presidential election as a testing ground. Candidates have been able to post text, videos, or images directly to Google, in real time. These posts appear directly in the Google search results related to the respective candidate. The posts appear in the form of cards that can be swiped or clicked for more information. Though in its early stages, the trial could eventually lead to businesses, organizations, and prominent people having a Twitter-like news feed that comes up within their Google search results. Other users can then share these posts on their own social network profiles, which creates a whole new channel of social media. This new evolution of Google signals the changing tides, with the mass influence of social media and the push to keep web browsing alive in themobile age. Google has not confirmed a formal title for the new feature, though commentators have taken to referring to it simply as Google “posts”. The new update offers exciting possibilities for businesses looking to improve theironline visibility, and interaction with their audience. It provides a whole new method of self-promotion, directly within Google search results. Google refers to the new feature as a “podium,” and that is exactly what it appears to be- the newest way for real-time, online social interaction to occur and reach a mass audience. In the future, this will be a whole new channel to add to your business’social strategy, but for now Google has only made it available to a select few candidates. Google invites users to join a waitlist for access to the feature, so we should be seeing a lot more about this exciting development in the near future. For all your business’ SEO needs, contact us at Qode Media, your local Toronto SEO...

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