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Posted : August 29, 2018

Before working with any type of SEO agency you should first find out what responsibilities it will have in terms of your company and its ranking. Some of the tasks that a reliable company will perform and be responsible for include the following:

Keywords – The company you are using needs to make sure that the keywords are relevant to your industry and business and are terms that people are searching for online.

Strategies – Strategies will be created based on your company goals. The agency must find out what your business goals are before outlining any type of strategy.

SEO updates – When there are any changes in algorithms that you should know about, the agency should inform you of them. This way, you’ll know why certain campaigns or tasks have been modified.

Content – The SEO agency should have a strategy in place for content and advise you when new content is needed for your site to keep it relevant in today’s marketplace.

Audits – Your site must be audited on a regular basis to find out exactly how it’s doing and how customers are relating to it. Times change and regular auditing must be provided to make sure that everything is still on track.

Accountability – The company should be transparent and show you regular reports regarding the performance of your site. This report should include recommendations and plans to improve your conversions and traffic.

Technical Problems – An SEO company should be on top of any technical problems as they arise and let you know what they are doing to fix them. These problems could include indexing, authority or crawling issues.

Optimization – The key pages on your site should be optimized first and it’s up to the agency to discover the pages that are performing the best.

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