3 Top Key Performance Indicators for Tracking

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3 Top Key Performance Indicators for Tracking

You’ve taken a lot of time to set up an amazing website with fresh, unique content on it and have used the latest marketing and advertising techniques to draw in customers. Once this has been accomplished, it’s time to start tracking the major KPIs to actually see how well you are doing. Since there are so many different KPIs that you can track, we have listed the top 3 that are vitally important to your success.

Key Performance Indicators

  1. Organic Visits

How many organic visits are you getting to your website from the search engines? An organic visit is one where a visitor lands on your site and then makes an exit when he is done. This key statistic can be measured in Google Analytics. This KPI made it to the top of the list because it shows you how many people are actually finding your site, which is a critical part of SEO. If people aren’t able to find you, your business will fail.

  1. Bounce Rate

How long are people staying on your site? If a person bounces, the page is loaded and the exit is immediate. There are no actions taken and this indicates that you are offering something different than what the user expected. At this time, it’s important to make sure that all of your advertising, marketing and page listings on the search engines is relevant to the redirect pages. If they aren’t relevant, you will be wasting a lot of money on marketing and advertising.

  1. Conversions

How many people landing on your site are converting into leads or customers? Although this is definitely a top KPI to measure, you must make sure that you are being found and that you are relevant before you can accurately measure your conversions. If your conversions are low, you’ll need to take a look at your landing pages and test out some new ones until you see your conversions increasing. This can take some time but in the end, these statistics will tell the final story in terms of business success or failure.

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Top 3 SEO Strategies

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Top 3 SEO Strategies

If you’ve been reading a lot about SEO strategies you may have started to become confused. There is a lot of data out there about search engine optimization and sometimes you have to sift through a lot of material before you find something that you can utilize right away. In order to help you out, we have gone back to the basics and have listed the top 3 SEO strategies that you can implement right away.

  1. User-Friendly Website

Is your website providing the best user experience possible to visitors? Make sure that you take a second look now, in a new unit of time.  Arrive on the landing page and try to navigate through to the other pages from there. Does everything look easy to find? Will your visitors have trouble locating exactly what they’re looking for? Does the page look clean and presentable? Ask yourself these questions and if you need to clean up your site, do it quickly so you don’t lose conversions.

  1. Fresh, Unique Content

Are you providing visitors with unique and fresh content that will make them want to return again and again? If not, it’s time to do so now. One of the best ways to add new content to your site is to have a blog running on it. This way, you can keep in touch with people and they’ll return to see what you have to say. The search engines will also pick up on your new content and reward you for it.

  1. Relevant Backlinks

The search engines are going to be checking on your back links to make sure that they are relevant and coming from high-quality websites. Make sure that you are linking back to pages that are relevant in terms of what you are discussing with your backlinks. Any backlinks that looks spammy will affect your organic rankings on Google and other search engines.

When you take a look at things and really get back to basics, these are the top 3 SEO strategies that you should be concentrating on now and in the future. When things get complicated, it’s always best to go back to look at the basics. Google is really impressed with sites that implement good strategies and will highly reward them for it.

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How to Put Together an SEO Report

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How to Put Together an SEO Report

It’s important to keep track of everything you are doing if you are in charge of your own SEO. You’ll need to make sure that you are putting together reports regularly and you must also keep in mind that this is a long-term project. It may take some time to see huge gains but you should expect to see forward progress on a monthly basis.

Overall trends must be analyzed instead of focusing on a smaller picture. Traffic will rise and fall from day to day but over the course of the month there should be a rise, even if it is small. It must also be noted that search engines often don’t recognize activities and important changes such as link building, social media, content creation and more for approximately 3 months.

This is especially true when you’re first starting out. At the beginning you should start reporting after 3 months has passed. Take a look at the Google Webmaster Tools and use Google Analytics reports since they will let you know exactly where you stand. Best of all, tools and reports are free.

Put your primary focus on organic visitor information, keyword data, and social reports. The social reports will let you know the different social media sites that are sending you traffic. The keyword data will tell you which keywords are performing the best and which ones aren’t performing at all. This way, you can continue to strengthen the high-performing keywords and introduce new keywords for testing.

The organic visitor data will let you know how long visitors are remaining on your site, conversion rates, the pages visitors have landed on and much more. You can find all of this information in Google Analytics and it’s a great way to analyze your organic visitors.

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What Are the Responsibilities of an SEO Agency?

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What Are the Responsibilities of an SEO Agency?

Before working with any type of SEO agency you should first find out what responsibilities it will have in terms of your company and its ranking. Some of the tasks that a reliable company will perform and be responsible for include the following:

Keywords – The company you are using needs to make sure that the keywords are relevant to your industry and business and are terms that people are searching for online.

Strategies – Strategies will be created based on your company goals. The agency must find out what your business goals are before outlining any type of strategy.

SEO updates – When there are any changes in algorithms that you should know about, the agency should inform you of them. This way, you’ll know why certain campaigns or tasks have been modified.

Content – The SEO agency should have a strategy in place for content and advise you when new content is needed for your site to keep it relevant in today’s marketplace.

Audits – Your site must be audited on a regular basis to find out exactly how it’s doing and how customers are relating to it. Times change and regular auditing must be provided to make sure that everything is still on track.

Accountability – The company should be transparent and show you regular reports regarding the performance of your site. This report should include recommendations and plans to improve your conversions and traffic.

Technical Problems – An SEO company should be on top of any technical problems as they arise and let you know what they are doing to fix them. These problems could include indexing, authority or crawling issues.

Optimization – The key pages on your site should be optimized first and it’s up to the agency to discover the pages that are performing the best.

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How PPC and Great Content Can Complement Each Other

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How PPC and Great Content Can Complement Each Other

Great content and Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns go hand-in-hand. Paid media can be helped by great content and paid campaigns can help drive in a lot more traffic to your quality content. When you combine these 2 key ingredients, you’ll definitely end up with an SEO recipe of success.

PPC ads can be used to drive-in traffic quickly to your website. It can be difficult to bring in masses of traffic if you haven’t already established an audience for your site. With so many different blog posts being released every day, it’s always good to have a strategy in place to get your blog posts more visible.

PPC ads also help to give your brand more exposure in your industry. Paid advertising, when viewed over and over again, remain in the subconscious mind of the viewer. Even if people aren’t clicking on your ads, you are still getting extensive brand exposure,

As people click on the ads they will be sent over to your landing page so you must make sure that you have high quality content on it. The page must be aesthetically pleasing and at the same time provide content that encourages people to click. There are many creative landing pages that transform visitors into customers or leads. If you have PPC ads running, you must have a page with great content available to send them to.

Consumers are not willing to settle for second best anymore. Make sure that your landing pages are grammatically correct and are sending out the right message that resonates with visitors. This way, you’ll generate more clicks and raise your bottom dollar.

When you consider that many people that are going to visit your site from a PPC ad are also going to look through your website before finally making a buying decision, it’s imperative that you have high quality content throughout your site. Otherwise, you’re simply going to lose sales.

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How Much Should Your Company Be Budgeting for SEO?

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How Much Should Your Company Be Budgeting for SEO?

This is a question that a lot of businesses have and the answer will depend on a lot of different factors. Setting the right budget will help lead you to success faster and it will all come down to your short-term and long-term business goals as well as your current and projected revenue.


Take a look at your positioning on the search results pages for the keywords you are targeting. How well is your site doing as compared to your competitors? You’ll need to determine the difficulty of the keywords and how fast you want to see progress being made.

Spam Companies

There are quite a few spam companies that are offering SEO services right now. They offer a number one position for a very small amount of money. There is no way that rising to the top of the Google listings can be done without spending some money. SEO is an investment, after all, and the money that you put into it will pay back time after time. Don’t waste your money on companies that really don’t know what they’re doing. Work with a business with a glowing reputation and even if you have to pay more, you’ll be able to see the results.

Business Goals

When you first talk to an SEO consultant one of the first things he’ll ask you about are your business goals. This will determine the strategy that needs to be put into place in order to reach these goals.

Look for the best plan that you can afford for the next 4 to 12 months. As you start to see your income grow, you can upgrade the plan accordingly. As long as you are working with a reputable company, you will see improvements that will increase your bottom dollar.

Qode Media has been offering state-of-the-art SEO services to businesses across North America, and here to help you. When you are looking for a highly qualified SEO company to work with, please give us a call at or contact us through our website at www.qodemedia.com.


How SEO Is Impacted by Social Media

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How SEO Is Impacted by Social Media

If you’re like most businesses, your social media marketing and your SEO are kept separated and placed into 2 different categories. The activity you maintain on social media, however, can definitely help boost your rankings indirectly. There are some SEO benefits associated with having a strong presence on social media that are too important to ignore.

  1. Drive in More Traffic

For many sites, social media is a major boost to the traffic on their website. Visitors can be encouraged to visit your website through your social media pages and the increased site traffic can help boost your rankings.

  1. Backlinks

When you post something on social media as a teaser and then direct traffic back to your site to read the rest, you may end up with some powerful backlinks as a result. The people on social media that were interested in reading what you had to say may want to link back to it from their websites.

  1. Organic Listings

When you search for your own company on the Internet you’ll see your website show up along with your social media profiles. If anyone is doing a brand search for your business, you’ll be occupying a few spots at the top of the search page. This adds more credibility and authority to your business since it suggests that you are active online and well-known.

  1. Better Bounce Rate

The people that are visiting your site from direct links back from your social pages are more likely to stay on the site for longer periods of time. This will improve your overall bounce rate, which is also one of Google’s ranking factors.

Here at Qode Media, we are dedicated to helping businesses grow by creating the best online presence possible for them. If you have any questions about how to get started, or want to find out more about SEO ranking and how social media can play an active part in it by visiting our website at www.qodemedia.com.

SEO Strategies for Large E-Commerce Sites

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SEO Strategies for Large E-Commerce Sites

SEO Strategies for Large E-Commerce Sites

Online e-commerce stores face a number of different factors that are unique in terms of search engine optimization. While there are certainly differences between these e-commerce sites and regular websites in terms of content, structure, and URLs, there is also a different overall strategy that comes into play for an e-commerce site.

Keyword Strategies

In many cases long-tail keyword phrases are going to be an important part of your overall strategy. Look for long-tail keywords that align with the different topics, problems and questions that your target audience may have about a product. These are the words that many consumers are typing into Google in order to narrow down their searches. You can get a lot of traffic with a good strategy in place for long-tail keyword phrases.

Mobile SEO

Approximately 57% of your website traffic will be coming from tablets and smartphones. The rankings appearing for searches made from desktops versus searches made from mobile are completely different most of the time. Determine whether using AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) would be a good fit for your business. In some cases, dynamic e-commerce pages with unique features may not work the best with AMP while your content information pages should be running on AMP.


It has been proven time and time again that reviews from real customers can significantly increase conversions for an e-commerce websites. You’ll need to manage the reviews that are appearing on review sites like Yelp and possibly Amazon to make sure they remain positive. On-site reviews also increase the amount of traffic to your site from search engines. Make sure that review management is a part of your overall strategy and if you have a happy customer, don’t be afraid to ask for a review that can be added to your site.

Managing e-commerce websites is a whole different ball game when you compare it to SEO for a regular site. If you have an e-commerce platform and need help with your search engine and social media optimization with low cost SEO services, get in touch with Toronto’s best SEO company today through our site at qodemedia.com.

How Important Are Meta-Descriptions for SEO?

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How Important Are Meta-Descriptions for SEO?

Meta-descriptions are a key part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and should be given all of the attention they deserve. While most people are focused on providing high-quality content on their websites, it’s important to note that it’s not just the text on the website pages that brings value. Meta-descriptions are features send signals to both users and search engines, and when you get them right, you’ll rank higher on search engine listings and have more traffic landing on your site.

Meta-Descriptions Explained

A meta-description is an information snippet that you’ll see underneath the links on search results pages. It consists of a few words that accurately describe the content on the page. This short paragraph tells Google, for example,  what the page is about so it knows where to list it and to encourage users to click on the link.

Relevancy Is Key

Search engine users look for pages that directly answer their questions or provide the information they need. Your meta-descriptions must be extremely relevant and match the page content. Otherwise, users will land on your page and leave it right away when they don’t see what they want. This will increase your bounce rate and ultimately affect your ranking.

If you can write engaging and relevant content for your descriptions, you’ll get more visitors that will remain on the page for longer periods of time. Google will notice that people visiting your site like it enough to stay on it and you will be rewarded.

Many descriptions are still important in today’s world of SEO and need to be written carefully. If you need help with your meta-descriptions or other aspects of optimizing your site, contact us today or learn more at qodemedia.com. We are Toronto’s best SEO and internet marketing company.

SEO Strategies for Startup Businesses

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SEO Strategies for Startup Businesses

Any business that is just starting up needs to establish a strong online presence right at the beginning. With startups on the rise, it’s important to stand up and get noticed by putting in place an SEO strategy that will define your business fast.

Competition is also on the rise so your SEO strategy must take this into account. It’s not enough to simply say “I am here now”. You must take a look at what your competitors are doing, how they are reaching out to customers and how they are making sales.

While there are many other things to get done when you’re just starting out, your customers are online and need to be reached that way. Here are the most important areas that you need to focus on to get your site moving up the line on the search engine results pages.

Local results – Use local strategies to get your site to rank in its specific geographical area. Make sure that you are listed on business directories such as Yelp and use Google My Business to your advantage.

Keyword strategy – If you’re running a local business your keyword strategy must include the specific city, town and even the neighbourhoods that you are targeting. If you’re running a website on a national and international basis, your keyword strategy will be much, much different. Use the Search Console by Google to prepare a first list of keywords and then continue to add to this list regularly as your business expands. You should also find out what keywords your competitors are using.

Technical SEO – From a technical viewpoint your SEO must be spot-on. For this aspect of SEO it’s important to consult with an expert to make sure that your site pages are loading quickly and everything else is in place to make your site Google and mobile-friendly.

Start with these 3 tips when you’re first getting your business off the ground and then work from there. If you need any help establishing an online presence as a startup, please visit our website at qodemedia.com. We can help you with keyword strategies, content, local results, technical SEO and much more. Qode Media, the best SEO Toronto Company and Internet Marketing in Canada