Steps to Effective Internet Marketing

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In today’s business world, it’s becoming more apparent that traditional marketing schemes have lost their touch and are being overtaken by newer and less costly online techniques. The need to research and stay up to date on the next phase of internet marketing is great, and this article will attempt to show you the basics of how to effectively begin preparing the groundwork for your company’s marketing scheme. From keywords, to social media, to closing leads you’ll learn some of the important things you need to know. KEYWORDS The first and most important component of internet marketing is the keyword. A keyword is simply a word (or words) that can be used to effectively locate, identify, and relate content. As a result, search engines are a large part of the framework that makes internet marking tick. As the world of marketing changes, the so the importance of getting your business found online has increased. This is why it’s so important to build a strategy for keyword research. The way keywords work is people who search for them are most likely to be driven to content that ranks higher for the search that they’ve entered. So basically Business A, which shows up on page 1 of a search engine has a much better chance of being found than Business B on page 13. The key however is the business of keywords can sometimes be a slightly tricky one. While some keywords may be easy to find and greatly searched, as a small business you might not be able to afford high rankings for established words dominated by bigger corporations. Because of this you must build a strategy that incorporates words that are more relevant to your business, and less competitive. OPTIMIZATION After you’ve chosen a group of 3-5 words that you’re ready to build a strategy around, the task is now to optimize your content so that consumers will be drawn to your business. The goal of optimization is to get as close the first result or first page of any search.  This process is called search engine optimization. SEO is an ever evolving process, so there really isn’t one technique written in stone. Stay up to date with the latest information and trends on the subject to increase your performance. Two important components of SEO are on-page SEO and off-page SEO. The first deals with content on your website that can be modified which better showcases itself to search engine platforms. Off-page SEO deals with reported information about your site which engines get from other websites. This isn’t as easy to improve, and carries a bit more importance than on-page SEO. There are nine things that will greatly help improve your on-page SEO performance: page titles, Meta description and data, headings, cascading style sheets, images, domain info, MOZ rank, Google crawl date, and URL structure. Page titles need to contain relevant keywords, be precise and not drag out, and contain your brand name if you’re a small business. They are the first thing visitors may have with your company, so spend time perfecting each page title. Meta data, while not an integral part of SEO, is a very important description listed on search engines which give a summary of the site. Headings are similar to page titles, but carry...

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Introduction to Google Display Network

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There are two types of online ads that are available to AdWords partners to use for their business ads; text ads and display ads. We have said that text ads are ads that convey messages of advertisement about a product or service using only textual characters. Display ads, which is fast gaining ground in online marketing, involves the use of images or display graphics to entice of lure the attention of customers to a particular advertisement. When using display ads for your business, you would have to create images, videos, flash or other associating formats to successfully promote your product or service. When done properly, display ads have the ability to capture the attention of customers more effectively than text ads. The benefits of using these ads cannot be overemphasized as they are making success out of most online linked businesses. If one is very conversant with the world of advertising, one would immediately notice the trend in which search engine users are now more interested in motion ads that the conventional text ads as oppose to before. This display ads have opened a whole new world into ads cost and more ever before, marketers are becoming aware of the fact that one need not spend much to gain traffic but to utilize the idea of smart marketing. Rather than invest so much in displaying ads on an entire page, while not use little display ads and spread them all over many sites to spread your business message. Google AdWords saw the potential that display ads have to generate and boost many businesses online and decided to integrate the display ad product into their AdWords program. Google Display Network Hundreds of thousands of marketers all over the world use Google display network to showcase their products and services. This is because Google has made sure it provided the best products and tools to help promote online ads. With their display network one is certain of the fact that their ads are being done on a massive scale. Since Google is a universally accepted search engine brand all over the world, it is safe to say that any ads placed on their page world be seen by millions of people thereby taking your business beyond any frontiers. All you are to do to ensure effectiveness would be to create a sound display ad that can produce results for you. Link your business website to your ad, pay your ads bill and allow Google do their magic for you. There is also so much transparency when using this display network as one can often follow their ads and see if they are shown on related keyword searches. You can track your ad placement from the very moment you win you bid and get placed high on Ad Rank. I must point out here that one to be able to attain success through AdWords, you should not settle at the average rank position. This is because there are hundreds of thousand ads that may feature before yours. Bid reasonably and make the top rankers and see fortune smile on your business through Google AdWords program.   By Candy...

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How to plan a Google Display Network Campaign

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If you plan to end up with an effective and successful display campaign for your business product and services, you should ensure you have set out careful planning. For it is this planning that guarantees efficient execution. Planning always involves the use of strategies, so we would list out the stages that should be considered during the planning process. Know your goals  What exactly do your hope to achieve with your display network campaign? Is it just to drive heavy traffic to your website and generate clicks or would you simply just want to promote your product and services. Whatever the scenario you choose to act on, it would require proper planning to bring it into fruition. Who are your target audience? You may think that with millions of users using the internet, finding customers should not be that difficult. You are so wrong! You have to target your ads to potential customers and them only, rather than waste time on sight lookers. With Google targeting technologies put in place, you are able to determine those websites that are relevant to your campaign. You can use location specific targets, or using web page content to determine relevance. Whatever your final choice, it should be such that would guarantee profitability to your customers and you as an advertising company. Create your custom display ad With Google’s display ad builder, you can be your own designer and create entirely new custom ads. Create this ad in such a way that your message is short and simple as can possibly be and still be able to reach out and get customers response. Have a fixed bid and budget  In Google AdWords, every ad is an auction and you determine the amount of money you are willing to pay for every click or impression on your ads. The higher the bidding price, the higher up you go on Google’s Ad Rank. Using the cost-per-click pricing option would mean that you enter into an agreement with Google that for every click that is being made on your ad by a prospective customer, you pay Google a certain percentage of that amount. This pricing option is used by most new-comers. Using the other pricing option would mean that for every impression or views being made by customers, you bid an amount that would be payable to Google. To improve your business ROI, use the right pricing option that you know would be ideal for your business ads. Performance management tools and their features  There are many management tools being made available by Google AdWords to help you evaluate and manage the performance and profitability of your display campaigns. It is advisable to have proper understanding of these tools upfront so that when the time comes, you can easily use them to optimize your ad campaigns.   By Candy...

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Google AdWords Display Advance Exam

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Taking any of the AdWords certification program exams would require a great deal of devotion on your part. Having experience on the AdWords program does not mean negligence on your part towards the resources made available in the Learning Center. If you are one of the new-comers to AdWords or this would be your very first exam (congratulations!), I’d recommend making use of the AdWords Online Classroom Webinars. Google AdWords offer two different types of certification; Individual AdWords certification and the Company AdWords certification package. Taking the Individual AdWords certification exam would require one to take two exams; Fundamental and Advance Exams. The focus of this guide is to educate us on how to pass these exams. The fundamental exam is quite easy to pass in comparison to that of the Advance exams. The Advance exam comprises of three exams and you are required to choose any one from among the three and the Fundamental exam for you to be eligible for certification (having successfully passed both exams). Advance Display Exam layout The test comprises of 98% Display Network and YouTube advertising, while the other 2% are questions related to Search Fundamental and Search Network. This other 2% should not be any problem for you since you have already taken the exam on advertising Fundamentals. This exam is slightly different from the Fundamental exam as it has just 110 questions that are to be completed in a time frame of 120 minutes. This gives you about 1 minute for each question. So except you really got supersonic speed to check and find answers, I’d advise you sit down and study real hard. All the questions are multiple choice questions with have four (4) option types to choose from. In this exam, a pass is scoring at least 70% as opposed to 85% of the Advertising Fundamental exam. You can wipe that smile off your face now. Study hard and you would come out in flying colors! Try taking this exam few days after you took the Advertising fundamental exam. This way you would still be able to remember most of the stuffs you read on the fundamentals and you would not need to start from the very beginning. Take a day’s rest and continue to brush off on your new materials. Tips on passing Google AdWords Advance Display Exam The step already outline in passing any of the AdWords certification exams still hold true here. Keep them to heart and you are already on your way to success. I would like to just add a few more passing tips to enlighten you on the Advance Display exam. Stick to your Study Guide Before writing or taking any exams, research materials are provided for one to get equipped with all available knowledge. With the Advance display exam, a study guide is provided by Google in their AdWords Learning Center for you to study. Never fall into the temptation of ignoring the guide and spend endless time reading other materials you got outside their Learning Center. I am not saying those foreign materials contain junk information, but for a more effective study process, you should stick more to Google’s study guide. Most of the questions that would be asked on the Advance display take root from this Study Guide. Utilize the...

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Introduction to the Google Advanced Search Exam

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The advanced Search exam is one of the three Advance exams that are required to be taken to acquire the AdWords certificate. After successful completion of the Fundamental exam, one would be required to take the other certification exam. The Advance Search exam is usually more complicated in its questions in comparison to that of the Fundamental exam as it requires a far greater level of concentration. I must also point out here and now that the Advance exam is a feat that can be overcome by anyone would follows the same principle of study as they did in the Fundamental exam. Preparing for the Exam Like all the other exams made available by the Google AdWords, the Advance Search exams are also set in multiple choice question format. The same techniques applied when preparing for the Fundamental exam is applicable here. Study materials are also made available on Google AdWords Learning Center for your practice. Study these materials carefully and make your own detailed but summarized notes to enhance understanding. With the right experience in managing account, you can have an advantage but does not guarantee success if you take for granted the materials provided in the Study Guide. Watch videos and take down notes where necessary. After watching the videos and making notes the very first time, I’d suggest you take out time to study the note so as to acquaint yourself with such information you just received. Try out some exercises by clicking the “Try it now” icon on the screen. Remember this is just an exercise for the real exam. If you have done these exercises a few times, you can test yourself on your speed level. Since this exam is a little more tasking than that of the Fundamental exam you took earlier, it would require efficient speed in completing the exam in reasonable timing. The Advance Search Exam Specifics The format for the exam is similar in timing and question numbering to the Fundamental exam. The questions are about 100 and the allocated time is 120 minutes. The Advance exams are only valid for one year unlike the Fundamental exams that have a validity of two years. Unlike the Fundamental exam were you can take a break for some minutes (especially if you got time at your advantage), you may find it rather difficult to play with your time on this exam. This is more because the questions are tasking and require more brain work. Complete this task successfully and you are now an AdWords professional and you will be rewarded with a shiny certificate, a listing in the individual directory, and your own profile page. Once you begin the exam, you will immediately be notified that you cannot access any other browser or any other feature on the computer while the exam is in progress. Once the timer starts counting for the exam in progress, the timer cannot be paused. So ensure you make as much visit to the restroom as you possibly can. Find a quiet place in your house to take the exam. Take a deep breath in and exhale and you can begin your exam. For questions you are not entirely sure of the answer, Google AdWords provides the option of marking a question for review before clicking on...

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Google AdWords Fundamental Module Benefits

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Cost flexibility One of the things that many users of the Google AdWords can ever testify to is that of its cost. Unlike other conventional online ads programs, the Google AdWords allows its partners to have maximum control over their ads cost. The more you decide to spend, the more your business gets promoted on Google’s page. Most individual and company businesses set their daily budget and decide on how they plan to utilize such a budget. In orders words, you are your own marketing master. Google AdWords have various customer actions that one can choose from to place ones ads. Google runs an online auctioning of these ads to determine which ads would appear on their page for any given search query and also how well the ads rank on each page (even after making the page). Choosing the best customer action that suits your business As earlier stated, Google AdWords provides these customer actions in order to completely give their partners full control to their ads placement. There are a few basic customer actions but most new users of AdWords go for the cost-per-click (CPC). As the name goes, business ads are charged by the number of clicks per ad post that search users click on. To explain further let us assume that as a new user one chooses this program action. Google may charge, as agreed by you, $1 for every time some random search user clicks on your ads. When this bid is set, Google automatically displays your ads whenever a search query is done that is closely related to your business. Another customer action that is available is the cost-per-impression (CPM). Let me point out clearly here that this action option is only available for Display Network campaigns. CPM, as the name already indicates, is a customer action that centers on the principle of impression. Whenever your ads are being viewed by customers, you will be charged for every view. Every time Google displays your ad, you pay. The last customer action is the cost-per-acquisition (CPA). This option is used by old AdWords partners that understand the workings of the program and would prefer to be charged by the number of conversions they are able to receive. Understanding AdWords To be able to fully understand and key into the opportunity that presents itself in AdWords, there are so few important building blocks we should familiarize ourselves with. Google search engine, as with other search engines, are structured in a way that search results are provided in relation to the combination of search query being inputted in the search box. These search queries are generally referred to as keywords. Since keywords determine the search results that would be displayed in order of importance and relevance, it would be wise to synchronize your ads with quality, often-used-words to put your business ads up for view. Most keywords are typed in phrases so you would need to link your ad you a popular phrase. For example, if you are a car renting company you may want to link your company ads to keyword phrases such as ‘car rentals’ or ‘best car rental companies’. Whatever you choose to link it to, just understand the power of keywords and you will have your company ads on display more frequently....

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The AdWords fundamental Exam

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The Google AdWords is basically an advertising program created by Google to help promote marketing for various businesses. There is a lot to learn and benefit from AdWords as it takes business advertising to a whole new level. There is a lot to be understood in Google AdWords and when fully comprehended will make online advertising for ones business a little more fun. Many people, as we often see, would like to grasp comprehensively any program being thrown at them. It is for this reason that we have decided to highlight the basic need-to-knows about this ads program. Fundamental exam background Getting involved in the Google AdWords program would require one taking a certificate exam. Before you run off, I would like to point out that the certification exams have, in recent times, been divided into two parts by Google; fundamentals of account management and advanced specialized exams. The truth is that you are required to pass both before being deemed certified. I can also add authoritatively that passing these exams can be a piece of cake for you as it has been for many others who scaled through successfully. The Google AdWords certification program is basically divided into four (4) modules; the fundamental exam, Search Module, Display Module and Reporting Module (the last three being grouped under the Advanced exam). Passing the Google AdWords fundamental exams would require you to score at least 85% in the exam, while the passing scores for each advance exam have different passing scores. Taking each of these Google AdWords exams would cost you $50 for each of the exams, making a total of $100. The benefits of having attaining success in these exams would eventually outweigh its initial cost requirements. Each of these exams is drafted to contain about 110 questions with a 2 hour exam time for completion. Well mathematically speaking, that should provide you with a little over a minute to do your magic and answer each question.  Those questions that you are not so certain about their answers can be marked down for review later on. Focus on the ones you know and return for those other ones later. This is because some of the questions have multiple right answers but Google will require you to select the best possible answer. There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of if indeed you worked with PPC in your lessons, you would be able to identify such multiple-right-answer questions. The idea of this guide is to show you how to utilize your timing as well as achieving excellence in the exams. The Fundamental exam certification has a length of validation of 2 years. Accessing the Fundamental Exam As a new comer into Google AdWords trying to take the Fundamental exam, you would have to start off by creating a Google Certification Program profile. When you have successfully created your profile, log in and click on the “My Exam” icon. You will be directed to a page in which you can access the Fundamental and Advance Exams by selecting the “Take this exam” button. You will be given a candidate ID. Take note of this ID number as you will be required to use it when you register for the exam. Setting up an AdWords account For you to enjoy the benefits...

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Tips and Tricks for Attaining Success in Google AdWords Certification Exams

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Taking maximum advantage of available tools This may not look like a trick to you, but you would be amazed at the number of candidates would never take this seriously. The truth is that Google AdWords have provided a Learning Center with basic materials needed in preparation of the exam. This does not mean you would not read up other materials that are relevant to the exams. Another important tool one should not take for granted should be Google’s AdWords informational videos. These videos are designed in a lecture format that guides you step-by-step along the way as the class progresses. It would be a smart move to make notes on each lecture as a constant reminder of the day’s lesson. Obeying the Practice Makes Perfect Principle This is a common saying that most of us have become quite familiar with, but often take for granted its beneficial effect. When is time to read or watch the lectures or lessons, I would suggest you do it more actively than just skimming through it with mush passiveness. Dedicate time for this study and try and inculcate whatever you learn. For instance, after you must have learned a new subject topic, pause the video or your reading and try to recreate what you just learnt. There is a greater probability of you remembering such lesson that if you just depend on memorizing the lesson for the exam. You can take your learning to another level by setting up a Google AdWords test account (don’t worry it is completely free to sign up). Pause your campaigns so you won’t be charged, then go daily and try your hands on managing an AdWords account. Trying your Hands on a Few Exam Questions In every exam that we take, it is very advisable to try our hands on certain exam quiz to familiarize the mind on the subject topic and the exam in general. AdWords exams are no any different from any other type of exam quiz. If you run a search on Google to produce results of their AdWords exam quiz, you may hit a dead end as Google may not produce anything useful or worthwhile for you. I often recommend you get yourself a one month subscription to  This website contains materials that spans across all subject matter as it relates to AdWords and also provide practice quiz for you to try your hands on. The extra cash (about $28 for one month) you would invest in using this site is worth it in the long run as it is much better to invest in a little extra cash that paying for a new $50 exam. Just think about it! Physical notes are ideal, but not dependable If you have ever participated in an open book exam (one in which you are granted access to use your notes for an exam), you would immediately agree that the questions are set in ways that one cannot check the notes for answers to most of the questions and still be able to finish in the stipulated time. When reading through the materials or watching the lesson videos, ensure you make notes and rewrite them in summarized, easy to comprehend format. This way, you will be able to have a mental picture of your...

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The Google AdWords Exam Overview

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If you’re an ardent user of the internet and search engines, you would no doubt have come across Google and its numerous products and application. Google, as a search engine giant, aggregates information and stores them in its vast database and makes it readily available to users whenever and wherever it is needed. Unlike in the days of old when one would need to visit a library and flip pages upon pages to correlate information for a research purpose. These days a user need just key in a search query and Google, acting as an electronic library would produce search results in the order of priority. Google generally does not charge or accept any form of payment to place these information or document. It is for this reason that it has an enormous database of information. As a result of the traffic that Google receives at any given time (due to frequent search queries from users), marketers all over the world saw an opportunity to invest and utilize this forum to reach out their products and services. Google on seeing the advantage and benefits it has to promote businesses all over the world came up with a package known as Google AdWords. If you are very observant, you would have noticed some ads which usually appear on the right hand side of Google page or just directly above your search results. Google Adwords serves as Google’s advertising program that allows business oriented individuals or companies to create simple and attractive ads that pop up whenever a user searches for a query related to the product or service. Benefits of using Google adwords One of the questions that immediately come to mind if you are just hearing about Google AdWords would be that of its importance and relevance to promoting ones business. As a business person, you would realize the relevance of being able to send you products to the right customers at the right time. What Google Adwords does is that it presents your ads to the search engine user in such a way that it aligns with their respective search results. You can always be certain that your ads would be seen by millions of users all over the world. Another benefit worthy of note among others would be its ROI (Return of Investment). Placing these ads on Google cost relatively cheaper than any other conventional means of marketing. With an immeasurable potential customer base, one is sure to smile to the bank. Joining Google AdWords program You may now be wondering how to belong or be a partaker of this marketing program. It is really not as difficult as you may think. Google has made available AdWords certification examinations to be able to certify individuals that are likely to join their partnership team. Exams! Yes examination. Before you take a quick run from this page, allow me to expantiate more. These exams are really no big of a deal if you go through Google’s learning center where you would come across totally free, well laid out training lessons that centers on and covers entirely the AdWords program. Ensure you take these training lessons in the very same sequence in which they are laid out for you. This will enable you to easily comprehend lessons. Trust me on...

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How to Find and Hire the Perfect Inbound Marketer

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Getting on board the right inbound marketing guy for your company can be a real tough task. Well, the fact is that the usual kind of marketing skillset can be acquired attending colleges and universities that provide such facilities. However, inbound marketing is much ahead of the basic techniques that are not taught at business schools. Finding the suitable candidate to head the industry is daunting, especially when people with formal digital marketing knowledge are so scarce. In fact, conducting such interviews and attempting to choose the right talent can seem more like a treasure hunt. The prospect of locating the person that fits the inbound marketing position is an experience. A guide to getting an insight into the qualities and skills necessary for such industry expertise can be a great inclusion into your hiring endeavor. Checking out the candidate’s arsenal of knowledge in the area is a strong way to make the right decision. Instead of aimlessly going through piles of resumes to attain that golden talent, conducting a proper hiring process can make the task simpler. This guide is an attempt to assist hiring managers to locate and find the perfect inbound marketer for the team. Creating an ideal job description How will you know which person is best suited for the position unless the job post is clear, assisting in the search? Prior to proceeding to look through prospective candidates, it is good to know what kind of expertise you want them to have. To be able to screen the right people, creating the suitable job description is of prime concern. It should enlist detailed insight into the responsibilities involved, basic skills necessary for the position, experience in the field as well as other expertise that makes a candidate successful to attain the job. In addition to emphasis on intricate aspects of the position, communicating the character of the company culture is also a quite important. This ensures that candidates get to understand the personality of the job description and the working scenario of the team. Spotting the right talent The perfect job description should include the skills and personal traits the role requires. What kind of a candidate does it take to be best fitting for the job you’ve just outlined? Being able to determine the core competencies of the task requires a clear understanding. At first, it is crucial to focus on the specific behavioral traits that the marketer should exhibit naturally when handling inbound marketing responsibilities. The skillset of the professional marketer is also important to realize whether the person will be able to deal with technical aspects of the job successfully. Core behavioral traits How does the candidate handle everyday responsibilities? Do they follow a method to get the right marketing rush? When evaluating someone for a role in the team, identifying how the potential employee is able to tackle tasks and responsibilities is quite important. There are certain key behavioral traits that are great to analyze a stellar in the field.   Inquisitive: The web world is so dynamic, changes keep occurring every day. Candidates should have a natural inclination to research, question ideas, techniques and processes, both old and new. The inquisitive marketer naturally illustrates weaknesses by revealing flaws. Conversely, they exhibit their strengths by asking the right questions about your...

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