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Posted : June 7, 2017

How To Write An Effective Blog Post

Keeping up with a blog requires consistency, determination and some effort on your part. It’s like a diary – you should be contributing to it on a regular basis. Outsourcing content from a third party is also common, but you should consider what should go into writing an effective blog post for your business.

The Content

Blog posts should be interesting and deliver value to the reader. It’s not absolutely necessary to load the post with keywords – you are writing for the person that is reading the post, so comprehension is the most important factor. Your content should be interesting and provide useful information regarding your niche.

Think like a Customer

The best way to connect with the reader is to try to get inside their head and determine what they need to know. Pretend you are a customer and try to determine the questions they would be asking. Usually the questions are very simple, so you should keep your answers simple as well. Overly complicated blog posts will leave readers scratching their heads and wandering over to a competitor’s site to find more simple solutions to their problems.

Technically Speaking

The meta-descriptions, headers and page titles should directly reflect the content that you have written. The meta-description is the portion of text that shows up below the title of the post in search results and gives readers a quick preview of your post. You will also need to make sure that your title shows up as the blog title, rather than dates or the URL –  if you don’t have a clean, engaging title, your result will typically be glossed over.

Have Fun

A blog post should be treated like a conversation with your reader – you should be using a conversational tone and keeping content light and friendly. If you are enjoying the task of writing your blog, it will be reflected in your final product. If, on the other hand, you’re writing the post simply to add more content to your site and can’t wait to be done with it, it’s time to call in outside resources for help.

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