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Posted : October 18, 2017

The design of your site can make or break your SEO efforts and it can help it rank for the necessary keywords. For this reason, companies offering both SEO and website design services are preferable to agencies that only specialize in one or the other. There is a direct link between the two, and the design of a website must take into account search engine optimization once a site is launched.

Is Your Design User-Friendly?

Google places a lot of emphasis on a site’s usability factors. If the site is slow to load, hard to navigate or simply isn’t relevant to the keywords listed in its tags, it will never rank well. Google wants to reward sites that provide a positive user experience to everyone the lands on the website.

Does Your Site Contain High–Quality Original Content?

Google will penalize your site if it sees that you have copied content from other websites. Make sure that you are placing original content only on your site and ensure that it’s high quality and relevant to the keywords.

Is the Architecture of Your Site Built for Google or for the End-User?

Today’s websites must take into account both Google and the end-user in regards to its architecture. Your website must be easy to crawl and have naturally-flowing internal links to keep Google happy while at the same time offering an easy-to-navigate approach with relevant categories for the end-user. When both of these factors are considered in the architecture, your site has the potential to rank well assuming that everything else is in place.

When it comes to SEO, the design of your site is just as important as your optimizing efforts. In fact, a redesign of your website may be needed as an overall part of an SEO strategy. Find out whether your site meets the mark today with a free analysis. You can either call us at 416-208-0157 or send in your details through our contact form at