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Posted : March 9, 2016

The latest experiment in Google search result formatting has rolled out, and is making waves in the industry. Google has revealed “an experimental new podium” for its users, using the US presidential election as a testing ground. Candidates have been able to post text, videos, or images directly to Google, in real time. These posts appear directly in the Google search results related to the respective candidate. The posts appear in the form of cards that can be swiped or clicked for more information.

Though in its early stages, the trial could eventually lead to businesses, organizations, and prominent people having a Twitter-like news feed that comes up within their Google search results. Other users can then share these posts on their own social network profiles, which creates a whole new channel of social media. This new evolution of Google signals the changing tides, with the mass influence of social media and the push to keep web browsing alive in themobile age. Google has not confirmed a formal title for the new feature, though commentators have taken to referring to it simply as Google “posts”.

The new update offers exciting possibilities for businesses looking to improve theironline visibility, and interaction with their audience. It provides a whole new method of self-promotion, directly within Google search results. Google refers to the new feature as a “podium,” and that is exactly what it appears to be- the newest way for real-time, online social interaction to occur and reach a mass audience. In the future, this will be a whole new channel to add to your business’social strategy, but for now Google has only made it available to a select few candidates. Google invites users to join a waitlist for access to the feature, so we should be seeing a lot more about this exciting development in the near future. For all your business’ SEO needs, contact us at Qode Media, your local Toronto SEO experts.