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Posted : May 8, 2013

Blogging offers an amazing opportunity for individuals to create content and distribute over the web. In fact, the revolutionary tool allows publishers and users to reach targeted audience more quickly. The benefit of putting up a blog has given rise to new thoughts that captivate readers. The internet blogger uses the communication platform to acquire interest of potential clients. Online marketers looking to promote their ideas need to use optimization methods as an effective means to spread the word of what they have to offer.


But not all bloggers consider using SEO for writing. For such individuals blogging is all about creativity and providing good content for readers online. They would rather use them to express thoughts, share ideas and knowledge with the audience. It is the most suitable way for such bloggers to connect with the likeminded. The fact is that SEO must form a crucial aspect of blogging. There’s simply no point airing your creativity, thoughts and expressions if people just cannot locate them.


The main attribute of using optimization techniques is to attract right visitors to the blog pages. The following sure shot fire tips to induce SEO into your blogging can certainly be of great assistance.


  • Right keywords to let people locate you

There are millions of blogs on the web. So, how can the right audience find your blog? The concept is that the main topic of the blog must have adherence to what users actually type on search engines when searching for related information. Using the keyword tool ensures that you can conduct some researches to attain the right target phrases precisely the words that the traffic uses.


Do not try to find what words or phrases people are using to locate you. Make sure that you collect the right details using keyword tools to realize what users search for when looking for similar information.


  • Focus on quality content creation

Nothing can change the trend for the need to publish good content to attract the audience. The blog posts do not need to be quite impressive. But the content should be good enough to express ideas that are useful.


Striving to create good quality content regularly ensures that you attain the attention of loyal visitors on a daily basis. So, more people tend to look for your blog, follow article updates and share your feeds, more natural link backs is likely to connect to the blog.


  • Commenting on other blogs

Meaningful comments are the vital prospect of participating on the web. Do not just sprinkle comments here and there for acquiring backlinks on others property. The SEO method using blog commenting has very little to do with optimization results. Yet, it is the most genuine way in which you can obtain the attention of others looking for information in similar lines.


Your proper participation will ensure that other people visiting such blogs become interested in your thoughts. They are likely to consider visiting your blog to get more insight about you. The only crucial part of using the technique is to be commenting on niche related blogs.

  • Use of extended blogging platform

Google provides a free blogging platform that is quite popular with newbies. However, as you tend to mature as an effective blogger, switching to an extensible platform is advisable. The most dynamic and versatile is certainly the WordPress. You can make the most of the provision by using the plugins that initiates much better managed layout, internal linking as well as suitable comment moderation.

Using WordPress makes the SEO process much easier as you can attain plugins that facilitate higher indexing of your blog pages.

  • Using own blog domain

The use of a unique and own blog domain ensures not only a benefit in search engine ranking but also makes the site more credible. Latest changes in Google ranking give prominence to authority.

With your brand name in the blog domain will get audiences to admire your passion for blogging and also reflect your seriousness as well.

  • Making your site load faster

When search engines index sites at higher rankings, they do consider the website load speed. Slow load speed can have an impact on the ranking and credibility.

User experience when visiting your blog is positive. The web audience simply gets annoyed when websites tend to load slowly in their browsers.

  • Keeping short, simple and easy titles

The concept to use clever titles is fine; it attracts the reader’s attention. How about keeping it simple and short? In fact page titles of 60-70 characters only appear in the search results.

Make sure the keywords you target are placed earlier in titles. Google gives more importance to title tags with keywords and key phrases in the beginning.

  • Optimized image keywords

Images make blog posts interesting but for search engines these should be accompanied with proper keyword tags so that these get indexed.

Search engines will never know what’s in the picture if they are not image optimized.

  • Linking internally

It is recommended to link the blog posts to other articles on the site for increased bounce rate that is good for SEO purpose.

This can be done in various ways. Simply click “related posts” on the sidebar section and then include the content as “featured post”. The post that you target gets to feature on the homepage.

  • External linking

Look over the web for other blogs that are related to you. Choose the best ones that you can link to. Users appreciate when you offer additional information that they can find useful.

When you involve SEO in blogging just keep it natural. Do not over sweat trying to impress others. Just include what you want to say and try inducing quality content that offer high information to the audience.