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Posted : June 5, 2013

Taking maximum advantage of available tools

This may not look like a trick to you, but you would be amazed at the number of candidates would never take this seriously. The truth is that Google Ads have provided a Learning Center with basic materials needed in preparation of the exam. This does not mean you would not read up other materials that are relevant to the exams. Another important tool one should not take for granted should be Google’s Ads informational videos. These videos are designed in a lecture format that guides you step-by-step along the way as the class progresses. It would be a smart move to make notes on each lecture as a constant reminder of the day’s lesson.

Obeying the Practice Makes Perfect Principle

This is a common saying that most of us have become quite familiar with, but often take for granted its beneficial effect. When is time to read or watch the lectures or lessons, I would suggest you do it more actively than just skimming through it with mush passiveness. Dedicate time for this study and try and inculcate whatever you learn. For instance, after you must have learned a new subject topic, pause the video or your reading and try to recreate what you just learnt. There is a greater probability of you remembering such lesson that if you just depend on memorizing the lesson for the exam. You can take your learning to another level by setting up a Google Ads test account (don’t worry it is completely free to sign up). Pause your campaigns so you won’t be charged, then go daily and try your hands on managing an Google Ads account.

Trying your Hands on a Few Exam Questions
In every exam that we take, it is very advisable to try our hands on certain exam quiz to familiarize the mind on the subject topic and the exam in general. Google Ads exams are no any different from any other type of exam quiz. If you run a search on Google to produce results of their Google Ads exam quiz, you may hit a dead end as Google may not produce anything useful or worthwhile for you. I often recommend you get yourself a one month subscription to  This website contains materials that spans across all subject matter as it relates to Google Ads and also provide practice quiz for you to try your hands on. The extra cash (about $28 for one month) you would invest in using this site is worth it in the long run as it is much better to invest in a little extra cash that paying for a new $50 exam. Just think about it!

Physical notes are ideal, but not dependable

If you have ever participated in an open book exam (one in which you are granted access to use your notes for an exam), you would immediately agree that the questions are set in ways that one cannot check the notes for answers to most of the questions and still be able to finish in the stipulated time. When reading through the materials or watching the lesson videos, ensure you make notes and rewrite them in summarized, easy to comprehend format. This way, you will be able to have a mental picture of your note and not be tempted to look into your physical note. The key to acing the exams is for one to actually actively study the program; dedicate time to it.

Taking the exam

  1. As you should already know, the exam is computer based and would be taken within 2 hours. If you are planning on searching for answers on any search engine when the exam is in progress, I would advise you get another system close by. This is because the Google Ads certification program exam is structured in such a way that it does not allow any other window to be opened while the exam is in progress. Don’t fall prey to this and get stranded half-way into your exam. The fundamental exam series cover some Google Ads basic contents that ranges from The Benefits of Using Google Ads, CPM and CPC pricing, Keyword Matching Strategies, etc. due to the relevance of this exam, I can say quite frankly, that no two exams should be the same. With the right preparation there is a higher chance of you passing the fundamental exam in flying colors. So be prepared!
  2. When you want to take the exam, ensure you look for somewhere quiet enough to avoid distractions. With over 110 questions for you to read through, I believe you would understand why your mind needs not be distracted. Once the timer for the exam is started, it cannot be paused. For this reason I’d recommend you take as many restroom breaks as you can accommodate before starting the exam.

Ensure your computer is plugged to a power source or is fully charged with a battery life span that can last you the entire exam duration. If for any reason whatsoever your computer system goes off or you mistakenly close your browser, you can get back on track in the exam at the very question you missed. The only shortfall here is that your timer would be counting the entire time and you would not be able to regain that lost time. Do not worry yourself as if there is any reason you were unsuccessful in the exam, there is a retake policy option in Google Ads that affords you the benefit of trying again for your certification. Exams can only be retaken once in every 7 days and you have to pay the $50 exam fee every time to want to try out for the exam.


By Candy Lowe