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Posted : May 19, 2016

As a premium Toronto SEO company, Qode Media understands that search engine optimization can be a bit difficult to understand and maneuver. Here are some simple tips to improving your SEO. Have any more questions? Feel free to contact one of our digital marketing experts, or book an appointment to visit our Toronto office.


  1. Content is King

Without quality content, your website will never rank on the first page of Google. Google’s #1 priority is to provide the best contextual information to it’s users – in order to compete with millions of other websites, your content must be exceptional. Our in-house writing team knows how to tailor content so that Google bots and potential customers alike will find it beneficial. Having an outstanding vocabulary, paired with creative diction is a must, but Qode Media takes it a step further. We cater university-educated premium blog writing to your specific industry, company tone, and overall branding. Combined with advances SEO techniques, you can be assured that your content will improve your ranking substantially.


  1. Loading Time Matters

The average transient attention span of an adult is roughly 8 seconds. If those 8 seconds are spent staring at a blank page, chances are that your potential customers are going return back to the search results, giving you a very high bounce rate. Ensure that your web pages load quickly, while still maintaining the highest quality of images and features. Our graphic designers are professionals – we always design your elements with speed in mind.


  1. White Hat SEO is the Only Option

When you use a Toronto SEO company that focuses more on Google’s algorithms than your user’s experience, your ranking and conversion rate will suffer. Google will always reward businesses that use legitimate ways of being known. Trust us to handle your SEO for you! Contact us today: 416 208 0157.