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Posted : April 21, 2016

Google is continually innovating and improving its search results so users get the most relevant answers to their queries. This means that SEO has drastically evolved over time to improve the rank of webpages in Google SERPs, and stay up to date with Google’s ever-changing algorithms. Now, in a bid for constant evolution and innovation, Google has its eye on changing the search-result game once again, and this time it’s personal.

Google is looking to get personal with its users, and with a patent filed, is set to introduce measuring biometric data into its search results. Briefly, biometrics refers to the analysis of biological features or characteristics. What does this mean for users? Well, if Google were able to gauge your personal reaction to the pages that rank for your search query, it would be beneficial to providing the most relevant pages tailored to you.

The vision for Google’s biometric future has the user’s biological reactions as a component of search result ranking. One method may be to use your smartphone’s camera to read your facial expressions in response to the search results you see. The patent also frameworks the measurement of body temperature, heart rate, blink rate, pupil dilation, and facial flushing to assess your response to the search results Google presents.

The abstract on the patent file includes the statement: “If one or more of biometric parameters of a user indicate likely negative engagement by the user with the first search result, an additional search result is obtained and provided in response to the search query.”

Thus, if your biometric reactions communicate that you are not satisfied with the results presented, different relevant results will be provided to improve your satisfaction. And, if your heart rate rises and you smile, they will know which content satisfies your interest. The biometric data would be used to give search query results a “satisfaction score” which would adjust the results displayed to you in the future.

This high level of personalization tailors search results to each individual, and puts the user at the center of the experience. Navigating the world of Google SERPs, SEO, and a potential biometric future can be formidable. As Toronto’s best SEO company, Qode Media can help your business find a place in Google’s top ranking. When you need web design and SEO experts, we are happy to help-get your free website analysis today, or call us at 416-208-0157.