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Posted : April 5, 2018

The Google AMP Plan

On March 8, 2018, Google announced that it is starting a project to raise web standards inspired by the Accelerated Mobile Pages framework. This means that all webpages would be able to load quickly – in fact close to instantaneously.

AMP is a project that makes web pages open quickly and they are especially important for opening pages on mobile devices. Articles and sites using AMP load within a few seconds and Google wants to bring this type of performance to the entire web.

When you look at the mobile web and how it was operating just a few short years ago, before AMP came along, you can see the overwhelming difference that this project has made. It took a lot of ingenuity to come to the point where webpages became portable and instant. It involved combining different web technologies, raising standards on website pages and creating a new infrastructure.

Google is proposing using some of the brilliant ideas behind AMP to create a new universal standard for fast-loading content. It will use different technologies and will support such features as the carousel for Top Stories. All this new technology is at least months, if not years away but you should be aware that something is happening in this field.

In the meantime, Google continues to promote the use of AMP and is still working on its further development. Websites that use Accelerated Mobile Pages will reap the rewards of offering fast-loading pages to consumers. Google will be providing prime placement on its own real estate to sites that have implemented the AMP technology or to sites that load just as quickly.

If you haven’t yet developed AMP pages for your website, the time to do so is now. People are turning to their mobile devices to do shopping while they’re on the go. They are also researching the products and services they need on their devices while riding the bus, having a coffee with a friend or while they’re on lunch break.

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