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Posted : February 9, 2017

 Successful Mobile SEO Practices in 2017

Google is now highly recognizing the mobile market and will be rolling out a mobile-first search index in 2017 that will eventually become the primary algorithm for results on the search engine. As a result, if your business or brand isn’t doing well on the mobile search engine, your overall SEO efforts will be affected.

It’s not surprising that this new move is coming since more than 60% of the inquiries made on search engines today are coming from mobile devices. As more and more businesses make their websites mobile compatible, the number of searches from devices is expected to grow during the coming years.

Throughout the years companies have always had to shift their locations according to the amount of traffic they were receiving. Even small mom-and-pop stores have had to relocate their physical stores due to traffic demands. Now, the Internet as well has taken a major shift and all businesses and company owners need to move with it. The time is now to get started before any major plans by Google and other search engines are implemented and written in stone.

If you haven’t built up a mobile presence yet there is still time to get on the bandwagon to preserve your SEO standings. You’ll need to make sure that you understand all of the new suggestions and requirements that have been introduced by Google and ensure that your website is mobile ready. You should also understand that the keywords you are currently using in your SEO efforts may not be the same keywords that an audience uses on their mobile devices.

The new changes may also affect companies and business that have already established a mobile presence. If you don’t have the right markup language your page may not rank properly and your page may not load as fast as it should. These are technical requirements that may require the assistance of an SEO consultant to ensure that everything is in place and functioning properly.

It’s a new day and age in search engine marketing and a day that most people knew would come. Now it is more important than ever to make sure that your mobile presence is optimized to provide your customers with the best overall user experience possible. To find out more about successful mobile SEO practices in 2017 please contact Toronto SEO Internet Marketing Company Qode Media at 416-208-0157 or visit our website today at