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Posted : April 7, 2016

Search Engine Optimization is an investment that proves its value over time. But if you’re looking to see results faster, there are some simple techniques that will help you beat the SEO waiting game.

Optimize existing content

Improving the optimization of a strong existing page, already ranking in the SERPs, is more effective than getting a new page to show quick results. When a page is already ranking, you can assess the content that has worked well and resulted in conversions. Content that ranks in the top 3 sees the most traffic, so target content ranked in position 3-10. This way, you can build on pages that are converting and improve bounce rates, showing quick results in a short amount of time.

  • On-page optimization

Improve upon the ranking of existing pages by adapting the on-page ranking factors to improve their SEO efficacy. If you detect internal pages that share related content with your target page, create internal links that connect related content to your target page. Then, share on Google+ and submit the page to Google to be crawled.

  • Optimize for search intent

It is important for a page to correspond with the correct search terms. If your page ranks well with a search term that does not fit the page, it could drive up bounce rates and lower ranking. To remedy this, you have a few options: you can add a section to the existing article that better fits the search intent it ranks for. You can rewrite the article to strategically appeal to the relevant keywords that have been driving the most traffic, or write a new page that answers the search terms with keyword-rich anchor text.

Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets appear at the top of the Google SERPs, so being featured greatly increases your exposure, and drives traffic to your site. By searching the Google Search Console for rankings containing queries, you can pick out the top keywords with the highest volume of traffic that are relevant to your content. Optimize your page by providing a detailed but concise answer to the relevant query, and add additional information to the page that the reader would find helpful. Share your page on Google+ and submit it to be indexed. These changes will increase your chances of nabbing that coveted Featured Snippet spot.

Improve rank for converting pages

To find out the pages that are converting, look to Google Analytics. Determine the keywords that are driving traffic using Search Console. Also, paid campaigns will reveal the top-converting keywords. Focus on the successful keywords and pages, as they will prove the efficacy of your SEO.

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