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Posted : May 2, 2018

Any business that is just starting up needs to establish a strong online presence right at the beginning. With startups on the rise, it’s important to stand up and get noticed by putting in place an SEO strategy that will define your business fast.

Competition is also on the rise so your SEO strategy must take this into account. It’s not enough to simply say “I am here now”. You must take a look at what your competitors are doing, how they are reaching out to customers and how they are making sales.

While there are many other things to get done when you’re just starting out, your customers are online and need to be reached that way. Here are the most important areas that you need to focus on to get your site moving up the line on the search engine results pages.

Local results – Use local strategies to get your site to rank in its specific geographical area. Make sure that you are listed on business directories such as Yelp and use Google My Business to your advantage.

Keyword strategy – If you’re running a local business your keyword strategy must include the specific city, town and even the neighbourhoods that you are targeting. If you’re running a website on a national and international basis, your keyword strategy will be much, much different. Use the Search Console by Google to prepare a first list of keywords and then continue to add to this list regularly as your business expands. You should also find out what keywords your competitors are using.

Technical SEO – From a technical viewpoint your SEO must be spot-on. For this aspect of SEO it’s important to consult with an expert to make sure that your site pages are loading quickly and everything else is in place to make your site Google and mobile-friendly.

Start with these 3 tips when you’re first getting your business off the ground and then work from there. If you need any help establishing an online presence as a startup, please visit our website at We can help you with keyword strategies, content, local results, technical SEO and much more. Qode Media, the best SEO Toronto Company and Internet Marketing in Canada