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Posted : August 25, 2016

If you’re expecting guaranteed ranking results from an SEO company you may be disappointed. Even the top consultants in the field avoid providing guaranteed results for SEO. It’s important for you to understand why results shouldn’t be guaranteed and why they may very well be unrealistic. When you see a company that’s promising you the moon as a promise and a guarantee you’ll know why to run.

Fluctuating Rankings

Ranking are never the same in Google and they fluctuate depending on who is performing the search and the location where the search is taking place. For example, if a person living in Toronto is searching for a roofer and types in “Toronto roofing” he’ll end up with different results than a person searching for the same keywords from a New York location. As well, 2 people searching for the same keywords from a Toronto location could see differing rankings due to personal results from Google. If an SEO company promises top of the page rankings on page one at all times, it simply can’t happen.

Performance vs. Rankings

Ranking is not the best indicator regarding a site’s overall performance. Just because a website has high rankings it does not mean that this site is doing well overall. The site needs to generate traffic and conversions, and a high ranking alone does not guarantee high numbers in these areas. A lot of the search volume will come from “low-hanging fruit” keywords that are being missed by other similar companies.

Long-Term Results

Natural and organic SEO practices are designed for long-term solutions, versus quick fixes that simply can’t happen. Search engines are always changing their algorithms and what works in terms of SEO strategies today, may not work tomorrow. Magical one-off solutions are unrealistic in today’s market. The better and only way to play the game is to strengthen and add value to a website in order to see viable results that will last.

Search Engines Warn against Guarantees

According to Google’s own guidelines, nobody can guarantee a number one Google ranking. Any marketing company that makes these types of claims should not be used by businesses that want to see real results and businesses should shy away from any marketing agency that claims to have any type of special relationship with a search engine.

SEO companies simply don’t have any control over Google or any other search engine. While it is entirely possible that an SEO company can bring a business into the top results, it cannot be guaranteed.

The best possible scenario for any website is to have it user-friendly, search engine-friendly and ready to convert visitors into customers. By using proven techniques such as making sure that links, titles and keywords are used in their optimal proportion the site will become search engine- friendly. A fast loading site that is easy to navigate will be user-friendly and proper sales techniques will convert site users into paying customers.

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