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Posted : April 6, 2017

Why SEO Rankings Don’t Always Tell the Whole Story

In the past, the success of your site was defined by how high you could make it in the rankings on Google and on other search engines. Today, this just isn’t the case. The SEO ranking really doesn’t tell the whole story when it comes to the overall success of a site. There’s a lot more to it than that and if you’re trying to increase sales and expand your online presence you’ll need to take other things into account as well as just your rankings.

When you’re looking at the success of a website you need to analyze the numbers. Is your website generating leads that are effective? Are your sales increasing, remaining the same or possibly decreasing? Are you ranking high but not seeing results?

If you’re visible on the search engines but find that users simply aren’t visiting your site, it may be that the right keywords aren’t being targeted. SEO isn’t about randomly selecting keywords that you think are appropriate. It involves testing and tweaking the numbers with the keywords to find out exactly what’s happening in cyberspace. You may be putting attention on keywords that won’t drive referrals to your site and concentrating on keywords that just don’t activate any clicks.

SEO techniques must be flexible and look at the situation at hand as it really is. Nothing is written in stone when it comes to Google and the various other search engines. It’s important to always analyze the data on an ongoing basis in order to determine the true picture. High rankings will be a major contributor to a business’ overall success when implemented properly. By themselves, rankings do not define or clearly measure success.

When it comes to finding the right SEO company you need to work with one that will be tracking the statistics and refining your online presence so that you can see results. Never work with a company that promises a ranking but doesn’t look at the purposes and goals of the company.

At Qode Media we understand that results matter and rankings don’t count if you’re not targeting the right keywords. Find out more about us and how we can make your company grow by calling 1-416-208-0157 or fill out our contact form. We care enough about your company to provide rankings that lead to results.