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Posted : February 9, 2016


Running a business can be difficult, especially when it comes down to choosing which digital marketing avenues to pursue. The question that gets frequently posed to us is, which is more beneficial to my business: SEO or Social Media? The answer could surprise you more than you think.

On one hand, SEO (search engine optimization) helps your website get ranked on Google and Bing. If a client is searching for a plumber, they likely are going to google “Plumber Toronto” then search for a plumber on Facebook. SEO is more important than Social Media in this situation because of the service being provided (not a luxury, but a necessity that is sought after in emergency situations), and the importance of finding a plumber within their location – Facebook doesn’t separate by location in their search results.

On the other hand, social media helps to build your community, and extend your presence from tangible to online. If a client follows a macaroon bakery on Instagram and is constantly being tagged in delicious images by their friends, digital word of mouth becomes extremely important. Clients feel engaged with the brand, and are more likely to want to try a new product because of their peers, or simply because of their imaging. Short form – they want to know what all the buzz is about.

Social media and SEO work in tandem for the most part, as one does not really overlap with the other. SEO is necessary for those clients who know what product/service they want, and are looking for immediate results. Social media is important for clients who are looking for eye-candy – interesting products or services that they can follow in their spare time. Social media is integral to strengthening your branding, and nourishing a growing online community. Using one without the other can produce lackluster results.

Only utilizing SEO means that potential clients will not be able to cross-reference your product with your community. Having a strong community on social media that is constantly interacting with you is a sign of good customer service, and an exemplary product. If you respond immediately to customer comments/concerns online, it illustrates how quickly you will handle their interaction as well. Using Social media by itself could also mean a lower conversion rate, because you’re not optimizing on the clients who know exactly what they want.

Conclusion? Social media and SEO should be used together, as they complete two different purposes of the same goal. Our team at Qode Media is an accredited Google Partner, and Toronto SEO company. We have expanded our services to adapt to the growing digital landscape: meet Qode Social. Qode Social is a Toronto-based social media marketing agency and division of Qode Media. Qode Social is led by seasoned social media marketing experts who are committed to developing a community around clients’ businesses, polishing their brand and improving public relations.

Don’t settle for less – SEO and social media are an integral pairing. And now, you don’t need to choose.