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Posted : September 13, 2017

A large part of your marketing strategy should involve building engagement with your visitors. While you’ll definitely want to be ranking high on the search engines, it’s just as important to have your site able to convert sales once visitors land on it. Blogging gives you the opportunity to build your reputation and brand while also adding more content to your site for SEO purposes.

Google loves to see fresh content added to sites, and when you do this on a regular basis, you’ll be rewarded. Site updates show that your website is staying current and relevant in today’s marketplace and offers a better experience for users.

While you are writing your blog you can also incorporate some important keywords into your topic, but at the same time, you’ll want to avoid overusing keywords. Blogs give you the chance to use the type of wording that will relate best to your customers with a natural tone and voice. Your content will naturally use words that are related to your field so that you can pick up traffic from various search queries on the Internet.

As you continue to write for your blog your website will grow in size as the number of pages increases. This gives you the chance to rank for more keywords and to reach more potential customers. You’ll also be increasing the number of links on your site and will naturally encourage more back linking from other websites.

When you have a blog you can stay current and answer the questions that your targeted audience would most likely have. You can reach out to them and engage with them through your blog to gain trust and credibility. It’s important to keep up with your blogging once you get started, however, in order to keep the content fresh. A stale blog won’t be enticing to visitors so make sure that you’re adding at least one blog post per month at a bare minimum.

Blogs do require maintenance and management, but they are well worth the effort. In order to see your site ranking well and to form better relationships with your potential customers, take the time to set up a blog on your site today. If you need help putting a blog together or need help maintaining it, please contact Qode Media today at 416-208-0157. You may also want to look through our website at to see the wide range of SEO and website design services we provide.