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Posted : July 18, 2017

How SEO Audits Have Evolved in 2017

Due to the changes that have occurred in search engine optimization in 2017 in the form of mobile indexing, JavaScript crawling and the new release of AMP, SEO audits must be updated in order to reflect these advancements. In order to stay on top of the game, any business should have a new SEO audit performed to stay up to date to recent trends.

A variety of SEO tools are used to make sure that your mobile site can be crawled effectively by search engines. They will check for blocked resources, redirects and errors, and will make sure that visitors to the mobile site can access content easily. Other tools are used to test the crawlability of JavaScript (which should only appear on mobile sites when necessary).

JavaScript crawling indexing must also be examined across the site to make sure that all of the resources are appearing correctly and that the content is showing properly. A new SEO audit will also show the SERP features that can enhance the visibility of your site on the result pages and recognize the impact they have on your traffic.

AMP (accelerated mobile pages) has been recently introduced, and provides a better overall user experience on mobile devices. It is now considered to be a must-have feature for media blogs and websites and for any site that is experiencing speed issues on mobile devices. An audit will determine whether the implementation of AMP on your site complies with the search result requirements by Google.

An up-to-date SEO audit from Qode Media can show how well your site is being indexed and crawled in order to maximize your visibility in the search results. It will also divulge the most critical issues as well as opportunities available for your site in this mobile age. Find out more about the most recent SEO audit changes by contacting us today or by filling out our contact form!