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Posted : August 29, 2012

What is a landing page?

Landing page is basically a web page meant to capture visitor’s information through a lead form.

  • Characteristics
    –          Targets particular audience
    –          Unique for each offer
    –          May have free downloads
    –          May allow sign up for free trials

Why It is Important?

–          Can translate to leads
–          Converts high percentage of visitors into leads
–          No navigation means better since visitors don’t end up frustrated

Basic Optimization Techniques

–          Clear title, description and layout to convey what you are offering to the audience as incentive.
–          Remove navigation links and distractions
–          Include social sharing links to let them spread the word
–          Design form to capture the information

Get your landing pages shared

Three most important sharing venues for social media:

–          Facebook
–          Linkedin
–          Twitter

Option 1:

Customize share links like putting “Tweet This Ebook” etc.

Option 2:

Set up using icons of GooglePlus, Tweeter, LinkedIn, Facebook.


–          Displays numbers of shares, tweets etc which could make a domino effect

Optimizing Tweets for Sharing Links

–          “@” mention your company

This is a big deal in terms of branding.

–          Have a title for your offer

Why would people read it? This is the body of your tweet

–          Link to your landing page

This will direct people to your landing page coming from the link.

Tying Landing Pages to Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is important because this will allow businesses to automate targeting of potential customers through series of email marketing campaigns.

Fact: 50% of leads are qualified but are not really ready to buy. However, it is important to nurture leads.

Two of the most important things to do to nurture campaign:

–          Timing

Establishing quick connections with leads. 78% of sales are won with company response.

–          Targeting

Email should appeal to the interest plus it should be aimed to the right person. Some offers may be related to other offers in the future.

A/B Testing Your Landing Pages

–          These are two or more versions of landing pages to test specific elements.

–          Ex: One using testimonial one that doesn’t

Why A/B Testing?

Only 40% of marketers use this option. This has been proven to affect your lead flow in a positive manner.

 Tips for A/B testing

Have constant variables plus one independent variable that would be tested

15 landing Page Elements

–          Headline
–          Form field names
–          Number of form fields
–          Form button color
–          Form button size
–          Image
–          Caption on images
–          Copy and headline font size
–          Use of video
–          Use of social follow buttons
–          Use of testimonials
–          Third party seals of approval (verisgn, BBB)

Analyzing A/B Results

–          make sure they are statistically significant
–          See what really made the change in people’s behavior
Applying A/B results

If statistically significant, it is time for application. However do not forget to retest every now and then.

Chapter 4

How to Optimize your Thank You Page

–          ALWAYS say thank you to your visitors
–          Link them back to the other parts of the site
–          4 important things to remember:

  1. Access to offer

It could be a book to read, a consultation etc. The most important thing is that you bring them what you have offered.

  1. Social Media Sharing links

Always make sure that you bring them to share what you are offering. This can  involve the icons or a simple hyperlink. Do not also forget to use the advantage of a counter which could also influence more people to share your landing page.

  1. Secondary calls to action

Among the most suited calls to actions:

  1. Subscribe to Blog
  2. Follow us on twitter
  3. Become a fan on Facebook
  4. Become a fan on LinkedIn
  5. Auto response emails

Add other offers which could even squeeze more potential sales.


–          Include social media and share buttons
–          Optimize tweets in your share links and include your offer plus access to landing page.
–          Well timed and targeted lead nurturing campaign
–          A/B testing
–          Thank you pages and provide calls to action together with additional offers.