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Posted : December 20, 2017

When you’re looking for something on Google the search engine strives to provide the best results for the query. Approximately 1 out of every 5 searches that are currently made are somehow related to location. This is why the most relevant results are provided locally to provide the most accurate data possible.

The location where a search query is made determines the type of Google Search and the Google Maps that come up. For example, if you are making a search in Canada, will automatically appear.

In order to keep things relevant for today’s mobile searches, Google has updated the iOS app in regards to its labelling for country services. The country service choice is no longer based on the domain but on the country where you are currently located. If you live in Canada and you’re making a search within its borders, you’ll instantly receive the Canadian country service. Once you step over the border into the United States, however, your mobile results will automatically switch over to the US country service. Upon arrival back in Canada, the results will revert back to the country service for Canada.

If you’re travelling and the right country doesn’t appear for one reason or another, you’ll still have the ability to select the service you want by going into your settings. While in the past you could choose the service by typing in the ccTLD, this option is no longer available. You’ll need to manage your preference in the settings only.

Once you have arrived on a results page you can see the country service that is currently being used at the bottom of the page. This update was made to provide you with the relevant results you’re looking for based on location. This is the same way that other Google platforms including Gmail, Google Earth, Blogger and YouTube are currently handled.

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