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Posted : November 28, 2017

All websites should have SSL certificates and here’s why. SSL certificates are provided by SilverServers, which is a company that is situated in Kamloops BC. These certificates are offered to sites the world over and Google would like to see one of these certificates on all websites. SSL allows you to offer a secure communication between the server and the browser using https as the protocol.

Due to recent updates, visitors to sites that contain forms such as a contact form or search box will be notified by the browser they are using that they are visiting an insecure page if SSL has not been installed. Some browsers are also showing special icons to make sure that the viewer notices the warning.

SSL Certificates encrypt any type of communication that is made between the website and the browser. This gives the site visitor the confidence to move forward and provide his personal details on the contact form or through a sale. If your site doesn’t have this type of certificate, you may be scaring off a lot of visitors and potential customers before they even have a chance to see what it is you have to offer.

Many experts are advocating the move forward towards abandoning HTTP communications and making sure that all websites are secured using HTTPs as the protocol. Up until now, it was challenging to get an SSL certificate since you had to have a certificate for each dedicated IP address. As well, IPv4 (Internet Protocol version 4) was harder to come by and was in short supply. Lately, however, there have been changes and hosting providers for websites can bind a number of the certificates to an individual IP address.

Find out more about SSL certificates and how to get one for your website by visiting or call us at (416) 208-0157. We’ll let you know more about these certificates and why it is crucial to get one ASAP for your particular site.