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Posted : October 25, 2017

Recent studies have shown that iPhone owners are willing to dig deep down into their pockets and purchase more apps on average than android phone users. When you consider that people buying Apple phones are willing and able at the outset to pay more for their initial purchases, this makes a lot of sense. IOS users are also paying more than they ever have for phone apps.

According to a research that was done last year by Sensor Tower, the average price paid per device for apps from the App Store and for in-app purchases went from $35 in 2015 up to $40 in 2016.

This is fantastic news for companies that are creating iOS apps for their customers. The numbers indicate the want and need for apps is rising as a whole and there is definitely money to be made by developing an app for your business.

This is also great news for anyone that has a bright idea for an app that they think can be monetized. If you have an idea for an app and don’t have the coding ability to make it on your own, give us a call here at Qode Media to get a free quote. Thousands of people are making money from the App Store, and for them, it all started with one original idea.

The ecosystem for apps is expected to expand further, and as it does, it will become more challenging for businesses and developers to compete in an overcrowded market. The time is now to establish your own app before your competitors do. There’s money to be made, and when you remain up-to-date with the preferences and the trends of today’s consumer market, an app can be built that can either be monetized for individual profit or be constructed to increase sales.

Feel free to call us anytime at (416) 208-0157 to discuss any ideas or plans you may have for app development, or visit our website at for more information. We’ll make sure that you talk to a coding specialist that can let you know more about the feasibility and pricing of the project.