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Posted : June 20, 2013

There are two types of online ads that are available to Google Ads partners to use for their business ads; text ads and display ads. We have said that text ads are ads that convey messages of advertisement about a product or service using only textual characters. Display ads, which is fast gaining ground in online marketing, involves the use of images or display graphics to entice of lure the attention of customers to a particular advertisement. When using display ads for your business, you would have to create images, videos, flash or other associating formats to successfully promote your product or service. When done properly, display ads have the ability to capture the attention of customers more effectively than text ads.

The benefits of using these ads cannot be overemphasized as they are making success out of most online linked businesses. If one is very conversant with the world of advertising, one would immediately notice the trend in which search engine users are now more interested in motion ads that the conventional text ads as oppose to before. This display ads have opened a whole new world into ads cost and more ever before, marketers are becoming aware of the fact that one need not spend much to gain traffic but to utilize the idea of smart marketing. Rather than invest so much in displaying ads on an entire page, while not use little display ads and spread them all over many sites to spread your business message. Google Ads saw the potential that display ads have to generate and boost many businesses online and decided to integrate the display ad product into their Google Ads program.

Google Display Network

Hundreds of thousands of marketers all over the world use Google display network to showcase their products and services. This is because Google has made sure it provided the best products and tools to help promote online ads. With their display network one is certain of the fact that their ads are being done on a massive scale. Since Google is a universally accepted search engine brand all over the world, it is safe to say that any ads placed on their page world be seen by millions of people thereby taking your business beyond any frontiers. All you are to do to ensure effectiveness would be to create a sound display ad that can produce results for you. Link your business website to your ad, pay your ads bill and allow Google do their magic for you.

There is also so much transparency when using this display network as one can often follow their ads and see if they are shown on related keyword searches. You can track your ad placement from the very moment you win you bid and get placed high on Ad Rank. I must point out here that one to be able to attain success through Google Ads, you should not settle at the average rank position. This is because there are hundreds of thousand ads that may feature before yours. Bid reasonably and make the top rankers and see fortune smile on your business through Google Ads program.


By Candy Lowe