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Posted : September 29, 2012

Welcoming New Clients with Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is now one of the best lead generation strategies that companies focus on because of its minimal cost, efficiency and speed in gathering results. That’s why companies are hiring inbound marketing agencies to help them create an inbound marketing campaign that will certainly garner satisfactory results in a short period of time. And if you want to get involved in the action, you should familiarize yourself with effective techniques that will make you reach out not only to your prospect company clients but also to their prospect customers as well.

Setting Up Your Campaign for Clients

Technical Set Up

First things first: set everything up before beginning your job in trying to help your clients generate warm leads. Know your technical contact first and schedule a meeting with him to make sure you discuss everything clearly before you two start doing the setup.

You’ll want your technical contact to help you accomplish the things listed below so make sure to be nice and accommodating.

  • Installing Javascript on the web pages.
  • Setting up a subdomain for landing pages and blog.
  • Connecting social media accounts to SM software.
  • Integrating client CRM for closed-loop.
  • Making necessary on-page SEO changes.

Content Creation

After dealing with the technical stuff, it’s time to deal with content creation. Make sure you have sufficient writers and contributors that can produce quality content that would make your client’s website ranking reach the top.

Set up trainings for your people and make sure that they are getting everything up their heads fast. Also, make sure you do the following so you can set up your client’s website content quickly.

  • Assign people in your marketing team that will be focused on writing the content.
  • Find people on the business that can help contribute more quality content.
  • Determine how frequently your team can create content.
  • Determine the budget your client can allocate for outsourcing content creation.
  • Determine when the best time for your team’s training for blogging is.

Timely and Strategically Structured Follow-up Campaign

Now that you have set up the technical and content stuff, you are probably reaping some inbound leads now so don’t waste your time and start captivating those precious golden clients. Make sure every member of your marketing team is up for the task of engaging the clients and convert them into loyal customers.

You and your team only have a very short time to get things moving and captivate the attention and interest of your client’s prospect customers so be sure that everything is set up before trying to contacting those warm inbound leads.

Here are the things that you need to keep in mind in setting up a marketing team that is capable of converting qualified leads into patrons.

  • Make sure you have sufficient competitive sales representatives who are going to handle your inbound leads.
  • Set up a convenient and fast way on how to notify your team about new leads.
  • Determine CRM steps that your team need to focus on.
  • Come up with the best ways on how to present your offer through the content you are producing.
  • Be sure to use a system that will grade your leads to see which leads are qualified and should be sent follow-up offers.

Ramp up Resources

To create a great campaign for your client, you need to know some important things about their industry or business that you can incorporate in your marketing strategy. Make sure you know your client’s customers personas, the prominent blogs and publications that you should subscribe to and full listings of your client’s products. This way you will be able to create an inbound marketing campaign that is specifically structured for their needs.

You should also ask for future business expansions and improvements that you can include in your presentations and content to make your campaign more captivating.

Weekly Meetings

Weekly meetings are significant because by constant communication, you will be able to determine arising problems, strategies that need improvements and other stuff that you need to perk up to make your campaign more successful.

Set up a meeting format that is convenient to you, your team and your client to avoid ambiguity, inconvenience and conflict of schedule. Online meetings are a great way to stay connected with your clients and your whole team without much hassle like travel.


Game Planning: The First Three Months

The beginning of your inbound marketing campaign with your client is the most crucial part because this is when you have to set up everything and start from scratch while trying to prove your expertise to your client.

Here are the three critical elements of your game planning for the first three months.

  • Here Perform a Full-Force Content Audit– Make sure that you have sufficient quality content that you can produce once you start your campaign. Look for old content that you can polish to add to your big list of content that you will produce in your course of inbound marketing campaign.
    • Old company brochures
    • Existing sales sheets
    • FAQ’s and interviews
    • How-to articles and videos
    • Contact us page
    • Obtain a Contact List and Send Emails – No matter when those contacts had last got in touch with your client’s company, you should re-start communication with the existing list of contacts that your client has.

Once you have access to your client’s entire contact list, you should assign members of your team to segregate those contacts into groups according to the type of product they are interested in so you can create a specific campaign that is based on their needs, wants and preferences.

  • Prepare SEO and Blogging Efforts– Creating a competitive blog that is search engine optimized is a great way to create a presence for your client and drive traffic and prospect customers to your client’s business.
    • Prioritize which pages you should optimize first.
    • Create an editorial calendar for each of your team’s content creation group.
    • Base your content on competitive keywords on your client’s industry.

Planning for the Future

Teach your clients well on how they can create a campaign that is based on the different stages of a sales funnel. Let them know how they can leverage their content to acquire traffic, leads and customers

Top of the Funnel – Create premium content to drive traffic to your client’s site.

Middle of the Funnel – Offer consultations and assessment offers to your client’s clients.

Bottom of the Funnel – Present your client’s products and services as solutions to their customers’ problems. Make your client a problem-solver to convert weary leads into loyal customers.

Inbound marketing agencies cannot guarantee super fast results but with the help of these professionals, companies can reap results that are far better than those being provided by outbound marketing. Formulate a campaign – with the help of this guide – that suits you and your client’s needs to create a promotion that can give off satisfactory outcome.

by Peter Mack

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