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Posted : February 4, 2013

In order to obtain Google certification, one fundamental exam and one of three advanced exams must be passed.  The advanced exams are the Search Advertising Advance Exam, Display Advertising Advance Exam, and Reporting & Analysis Advance Exam. The program offers certification to help the rising number of new Google Ads clients with their Google Ads campaigns. There are numerous study guides and learning tools to help you in passing these exams. Regardless of your previous experience with Google Ads, studying for the exam is very important.

To put it simply: Google certification exams are not easy. Adequate preparation is required before attempting these exams. The Google Ads Certification Help Center as a study resource, where you will find sample test questions, videos, tips and tutorials. Google Ads help forum can also act as a viable resource. This help forum contains useful questions covering almost all topics that are related to Google Ads.

Other than studying, practicing everything you learn familiarizes you with the topics. Open your Google Ads account and Focus on areas you use less often and ensure you use to it the fullest. Have the account open to practice with while you study to gain the most benefit.

During the exam, keep in mind these tips:

  •  Have a printed copy of your notes to use during the exam.
  •  Have adequate time set aside in a quiet area where you can’t be disturbed.
  •  Take your time while reading the questions.
  •  Read the questions twice.
  •  If you do not know the answer of a question mark it and move on.


With thorough preparation and practice, you will achieve Google certification status. With this recognized certification, you will demonstrate your knowledge of Google’s latest Google Ads tools and best practice techniques, enabling you to effectively manage Google Ads campaigns.