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Posted : September 6, 2017

SEO begins with the acquisition of data to figure out exactly how your company is doing and how to make it do better. While you are amassing this data, you also need to know how to interpret it properly in order to see success. Here are some of the basics involved with analyzing the information you have collected so that you can use it to your advantage.

Your ROI

Your results really don’t mean anything if your ROI isn’t increasing. If you are getting more visitors to your site or you are ranking higher on the search engines but your revenue isn’t rising at the same time, you still have a major hurdle to overcome. Look at the data in terms of ROI to really see the true picture.

Look at All of the Metrics

Don’t get stuck on one metric alone when you’re examining the data. There are a number of different factors involved and you need to look at all of the metrics to make sure that they are aligning.

Don’t Get Stuck on Your Keywords

When you first started working on your SEO you chose some keywords to target, and are probably still using them today. Some of the best revenue surprises, however, come from keywords that are related semantically and you’ll need to constantly test new keywords to find those gold nuggets.

Take a Neutral Approach

As a webmaster or a business owner it’s hard to examine the data without some type of emotional bias involved. Perhaps you have been working on a project with high expectations and have been disappointed at the outcome. Instead of scrapping the project altogether you may try to come up with new and varied ways to make it work. Hiring a neutral third party to really crunch the numbers and have them tell the story is what every company needs in order to see the fastest expansion.

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