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Posted : September 8, 2016

It’s a known fact in the advertising world that many customers will need to see the same ad over and over again before making a final decision to purchase. Qode Media, the best SEO company & internet marketing Toronto, has compiled an overview of the remarketing strategy. Remarketing allows you to show your ad a number of times to the same viewer to increase its effectiveness. Once the viewer has seen a particular ad more than once they are more likely to purchase the product or service.

Remarketing  gives you the chance to display your ads to viewers that have already left your website. When your website service or product pages are tagged with certain codes, visitors will get a cookie the next time they go to that page. This cookie shows that the viewer has some interest in the service or product that you are offering.

Once a visitor has moved on from your site you’ll be able to connect with him again through the use of remarketing. You’ll be using this advertising method to reach out to potential customers that have already shown an interest in your site. By showing your ad to these viewers, it brings them closer to making an informed purchasing decision. All of your retargeted ads bring you that much closer to final sales.

This mode of advertising is quite inexpensive, which is another benefit! You’ll pay a fraction of the cost when compared to pay per click advertising and you’ll know that every click on a banner is by a viewer that has already been classified as being part of your target market.

Pay per click ads are great way to test out any SEO campaigns that you’ll be using later. You’ll be able to see what you can expect from keywords in terms of ROI. Once you have completed this testing you’ll be able to use the keywords generating the most traffic on your website. As well, you’ll be able to discover the keywords that ultimately convert into solid leads. By including these organic keywords on your website you’ll be able to take advantage of the double exposure gained by having both your site and your ad on the search engines.

When using this strategy you’ll also be branding your company. Viewers will be exposed constantly to your brand, which will ultimately lead to more conversions. As well, it won’t take as many ads to convince viewers to buy when you have used successful branding techniques.

You can also send out exclusive offers to these targeted potential customers through remarketed ads. You’ll be able to make special offers through Google retargeting, which may be enough to make viewers hit the “Buy” button.

For more information about remarketing, please contact Qode Media, the best SEO company and Internet marketing Toronto,  today at 416-208-0157. If you’re not using retargeting methods yet in your advertising campaigns, you could be leaving money on the table.