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Posted : November 29, 2019

How BERT Is Affecting Your SEO

BERT is the new update that has been recently released by Google and the announcement was made that it is the most important of its kind to be seen in the last 5 years. Approximately 10% of the search queries on Google will be affected so it’s important to know how exactly it is going to influence your SEO efforts.

The update includes changes that are oriented around language understanding with improvements in particular for conversational and natural queries. Overall, the new algorithm helps Google gain a better understanding of web-based text as it is presented in a natural language. BERT helps form an understanding based on the words appearing in the sentence along with all of the context nuances. The update strongly considers the context surrounding the word in order to display the best websites for the search inquiry.

How BERT Affects SEO

Websites that are poorly written won’t be positively impacted by BERT. High-quality text on websites, however, will reap the rewards of providing great content to readers. Even though the algorithm does not search webpages but rather search queries, SEO now relies on using text that has the right words used in precise ways. Websites with sloppy content won’t be helped by Bert.

As we leave behind 2019 and move into 2020, it’s important to know the type of impact BERT will have on websites and SEO in general in the future. The main take away from the new algorithm lies with bringing in more traffic with well-organized content that is more focused than it has ever been.

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