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Posted : August 23, 2017

SEO experts use a guestographic in order to build more authentic and authoritative links back to a website. Google loves these types of links since they are naturally occurring due to the interest they generate. The term guestographic is a combination of the words “guest post” and “infographic” and they are just that – an infographic used for guest posts.

In order to succeed with this method, however, you’ll need to create totally original infographics that resonate with the viewers of the site. These can be created with a designer and it is well worth the cost. The results can include an improvement in your site’s ranking and more traffic back to your website.

Guestographic Benefits

It’s easier to grab the attention of a visitor with an infographic than it is with simple text alone. The content, images and colour they display are all focused on intriguing the visitor and inviting a click to a site for more information. They are also more likely to become viral since they can be shared easily on social media sites, websites and blogs.

Guestographics are also a great way to brand your product or company since they can be made to fit the tone of your brand and match its colours. People will remember the infographic much more than they would simple text. As you continue to send out these guestographics your brand will become well-known amongst your current and potential customers.


Guest posts are not commonly shared with others while guestographics are. They are a great way to boost your rankings through legitimate back links and to generate more visitors to your site. While they are time-consuming to produce, the payback can be fantastic especially when you have created a high-quality graphic that others feel is worth sharing.

Learn more about guestographics by visiting or give us a call at 416-208-0157. Back-linking is an important part of your SEO efforts and must be done the right way to be properly recognized by Google and the other search engines.