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Posted : January 4, 2013

Generating leads is one of the most crucial parts of a business yet many marketers and business owners find it hard to generate valuable leads. Because there are so many aspects of lead generation, business owners are often confused on what they should improve or modify to be able to create a marketing strategy that will enable them to generate more leads that are valuable.

Lead Generation Mechanics

Lead generation has components that make it successful. A lead generation campaign that has all of the optimized mechanics mentioned below will be able to generate leads successfully.

  • Offer

Every lead generating campaign should have an offer that is captivating. Every offer should also be able to establish help that consumers can get from a promotion.

  • Call-to-Action

A call-to-action, a button, image or text that your visitors can click to accept or get your offer, should be clear and simple but powerful.

  • Landing Page

A landing is the web page where you will put your offer and call-to-action. This is a special page for capturing leads with the help of offers. It should be neat and easy to understand so that your visitors will be able to accomplish your goal.

  • Form

To be able to capture leads, you will need a form where your audience will provide their contact information before they can download your offer.

Creating Irresistible Offers

Offers than are exclusive or hard to find, people perceive it as more valuable. Offers like free trials, downloads and sales promotions are irresistible, which makes an offer successful. And because of this, having a more valuable offer will help you capture more leads.

  • Use the Element of Scarcity

Scarcity has a psychological effect on consumers. Because of the supply and demand principle, that when supply is limited the demand becomes higher, consumers think that an offer is more valuable because it is scarce. People will feel the need to buy a certain product when its supply is limited because of the fear of shortage.

Limited Time Offers

One of the most common and effective kinds of offer is limited time offer because it sends the feel of urgency to people. Your target audience will more likely cram to your landing page just to grab your offer because they are afraid that they would lose it if they wait a little more.

Limited Quantity Offers

Because of the fear of people of shortage, limited quantity offers are quite effective. This kind of promotion also makes an offer more exclusive because there are only a limited number of products that will be given away to lucky participants.

Limited Time and Limited Quantity

The combination of both strategies is one of the greatest marketing tactics because it makes people grab the opportunity and accomplish your goals. By making an offer that is only valid for only a limited time and a limited number of participants, you are making your offer exclusive and unique.

This kind of offer will make you capture leads even faster.

  • The Bandwagon Effect

People love to copy others, even without realizing it. So take advantage of this and make your offer more appealing by showing that other people are already following or participating on your offer.

Proof in Numbers

Indicate how many people have already participated on your offer by showing the number of participants that have already subscribed to your newsletter or webinar, downloaded your product or purchased your merchandise.

Some of the best ways to show that your offer is already trending to people is through these:

  • Webinars – Show the number of people who have already signed up to your event.
  • Blog Subscription – Indicate the number of subscribers of your blog to your offer or landing page.
  • Events – Show the number of people who have attended or going to attend the event that you have set up.
  • Leverage Newsjacking

Align your offers with things that are currently ‘hot’ so that you can get people to notice it. It will also make people participate on your offers and subscribe to you because people will think that they are being part of something that is currently hot and big.

Make sure to create unique offers on the trending topics that you are going along with so that people will see your offer as something that is distinctive and a must-have.

  • Focus on Creating an Amazing Title

Make sure that you create a great title for your offer because it will define your offer’s success. Because it will be a defining factor on how people will see your offer, you must make sure that your title is catchy, interesting and engaging.

  • Create Offers for Different Buying Stages

Make your offers tailored on different buying stages of customers so that the latter will be more attracted in taking the next step. Learn the needs of your customers depending on their buying stage so that you can offer solutions that they will find useful and timely.

Some of your target customers might need more information about your business or product when they are still at the beginning stage of your offer and some who are already at the later stage of your offer will likely need assistance from a customer representative. Be sure that you provide the correct type of service to the clients on your different sales funnel so that you customers will find your company useful and accommodating.

  • Avoid Corporate ‘Goobledygook’

Avoid terms and phrases that will make your offer look exaggerated. Using too powerful words will only make your target customers feel like your offer is too good to be true or just plain fake.

  • Use High-Value Offer Formats

Test various offer formats to determine which format generates the most number of leads. Some of the most effective offer formats are ebooks, presentations, reports, white papers and webinars.

Calls-to-Action that Rock

A call-to-action is the element that drives people to your offers. That’s the reason why they should be captivating and interesting.

CTAs can be placed almost anywhere: from landing pages to product pages and emails. This makes them highly valuable in generating leads.

  • Place The CTA Where the Eye Can See

Make sure you place your CTA where your viewers can easily see it. You can put it on top of your page so that it is always visible.

  • Clarity Trumps Persuasion

Try to clear on your CTA so that your viewers can easily understand what they need to do. Do not make vague offers because it will only confuse your target audience.

  • Use Contrast to Make CTAs Stand Out

Make your CTA stand out by using colors that contrast with the color of your whole website. Just make sure that they do not make your website unsightly.

  • Link Your CTA to a Dedicated Landing Page

Use your CTA to drive traffic to your offers instead of your homepage. Take this opportunity to present offers that your viewers will not be able to resist. Just make sure that you offers on your landing page are relevant to your initial offer so that your customers will more likely grab your offer.

  • Promote Offers on Product Pages

If you have more than one product, you might want to create different offers for those products and link your offers to one another so that you customers will easily find your other products while browsing your product pages.

  • Thank You Pages are Great CTA pages

Once your audience is converted into a lead, you should continue your promotion and engagement by offering other products on your thank you page.


Landing Pages that Convert

A landing page is one of the most important elements of lead generation because this is where you will put your offer and CTA.

  • Elements of an Effective Landing Page

An effective landing page should have all these elements for it to be successful:

  • Headline and sub-headline
  • Description of offer
  • Image
  • Supporting elements such as testimonials
  • Form
  • Remove the Main Navigation

Make sure your visitor stays on your landing page by removing the navigation that will lead to other pages on your website. This will help make your visitor accomplish your goal before being prompted to other pages.

  • Less is More

Keep your landing page so that your visitors will be able to understand what you want them to do.

  • Encourage Social Sharing

Do not forget to put buttons that will enable your visitors to share your page or offer on social networking sites. This will make the friends of your visitor know about you so that they may be persuaded to grab your offers.

  • More Landing Pages

Create various landing pages for your different kinds of offers so that you can capture more leads.

Optimized Forms

Forms are your way of converting your visitors to leads. Without these, your offers, CTAs and landing pages will be useless.

  • The Right Form Length

Put only a few fields on your form so that your visitors will not get bored or frustrated in filling out your form. This will decrease the chance of your visitors abandoning your page.

  • To Submit or Not to Submit

Avoid using the term ‘submit’ on your forms. Instead use terms and phrase like ‘download ebook’ or ‘join webinar’.

  • Reduce Anxiety with Proof-Elements

Add security features to your form such as SSL security seals to make your visitors feel confident and at ease in providing you with their personal information.

  • Make the Form Appear Shorter

If you can’t make your form any shorter, try making it appear that way. You can do this by reducing the spaces between sections.

Multi-Channel Lead Generation

Utilize various channels to help your target audience find you. This will help your audience find your products and evaluate them

  • Blogging Brings in Leads

You can use your blog to generate leads by including your CTA and forms on your blog pages. Just make sure that your offers are relevant to your content.

  • Email Marketing

You can also put your offers, CTAs and forms on the emails that you are sending out to your subscribers. Just be sure to send valuable offers so that your readers will feel compelled to grab your offers.

  • Social Media

You can generate a good number of leads by creating social presence. You can build a community of followers who will support your offers and campaigns through social media.

  • Organic Search

Optimize your landing page so that you can also let searchers find your offer and grab it.

  • Use Links and CTAs within Offers

Make sure to add links of your other products on your offers so that your visitors will be able to see them.

  • A/B Testing

Make sure that you test all of the techniques that you are applying on your campaigns so that you will be able to adjust and enhanced elements that need improvement. You will also be able to exclude elements that are ineffective or add elements that you think are valuable.