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Posted : January 11, 2017

With the New Year upon us, it’s time to look back at the past 12 months to see what was trending in Google search. From athletes to politicians, it’s been a busy year with people heading to Google to understand and learn more about the world we live in. We are proud to present some of the major topics that were trending in 2016.

Pokémon Go

Who could have predicted it? Pokémon Go struck the heart and the attention of millions of people across North America and was one of the top 10 searches on Google. One of the most popular searches for this topic was “How to play Pokémon Go?”. It was something that took the world by storm and people want to find out how to play the game and catch all of the pieces.

An Election and the Olympics

With both the Olympics and the election taking place in 2016, it’s easy to understand why 9 of the top 10 people searches were for athletes and politicians. Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Michael Phelps and Simon Biles were heavy hitters when it came to Google searches last year.


In January 2016, the Powerball jackpot hit a record-breaking number making this search the top trending one last year. There was a 166% increase in searches for this topic due to the jackpot prize.


People were searching for beer and a number of different recipes last year while also trying to eat fewer calories. Snow cream was the trending recipe in 2016, which is prepared with snow, milk, vanilla and sugar.

Mannequins and Slime

Last year, people wanted to find out how to make slime. This may be due to the new release of the Ghostbusters movie. At the same time, people were searching for the mannequin challenge, which weighed in heavily at number #7 on the top 10 list. If you haven’t heard of it yet, you may want to Google it yourself!

These were just some of the trending search terms on Google last year. Other major searches included Prince, David Bowie, Alexander Hamilton, Beyoncé, Orlando, Zika, and Brexit. It’s interesting to view all of these search trends to see exactly what 2016 was all about. It’s clear to see that people still wanted a challenging game to play, which was offered with the introduction of Pokémon Go, were looking for new food ideas and ways to cut calories while still wanting to stay informed of recent events.

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