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Posted : December 11, 2017

When a person needs a specific service such as an electrician or a limousine company, he’ll be looking online for a business in his general area. Internet users that use Google will be making their first calls to the businesses that are listed at the top of the listings on the first page.

Local Services by Google is currently running in the United States across 17 cities and there will be 30 metro areas covered by the service by the end of the year. This began as a pilot called Home Services and is now running live in these areas.

The listings include Google Guaranteed companies, which have all been background checked and are shown with a badge of trust. Only quality businesses can make it to the list while deceptive businesses won’t be seen. It’s a given that consumers will be drawn towards these listings since many have been duped by service providers in the past and are looking for legitimate businesses they can trust.

Once your business qualifies you can create a customized profile page on the platform that shows your contact info, any unique aspects of your business that you’d like to share and your reviews. A potential customer can look at your profile and then contact you immediately. You’ll have the ability to turn on your ads only when you need them to appear and you’ll only end up paying for the leads you receive that are relevant to your type of business.

This new platform has the ability to become a game changer for many service providers. Leads can be managed directly from a mobile device and they can be tracked and analyzed according to their conversions. So far, many companies are experiencing phenomenal growth due to this service and as a result, they have had to hire more employees to keep up with the demand.

As with other Google developments, we expect this platform to expand and reach all major cities across North America. If you are operating a local service business now is the time to learn more about this fantastic marketing opportunity to be prepared for the future of Local Services advertising. Find out more about this platform and how it can help your business boom by calling (416) 208-0157 or visit to learn more about SEO and local search in your area.