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Posted : February 12, 2013

The rapid growth of Google Ads clients worldwide with increasing Google Ads campaigns has led to serious competition in Google Ads campaign consultancy. As everyone claims to provide you the best campaign consultancy services there must be some criterion that certifies the proficiency of Google Ads campaign strategists and designers. Thus, to differentiate between an immature and a professional Google Ads consultant, Google certifies Google Ads consultants through Google Google Ads Certification Program.
To become a Google Ads certified consultant, an individual has to pass two exams. The first one is the Fundamental Exam and the other consists of three advanced level exams which include the following:

  • Search Advertising Advance Exam
  • Display Advertising Advance Exam
  • Reporting & Analysis Advance Exam

The exam has been structured in a way that it comprises of intermediate to advanced practices for using the Google Network as an advertising platform.

Meaning of Display Advertising

Display Advertising is a form of advertising that never fails to catch potential clients or consumers’ attention with visually attractive and stimulating content. There is no need to use words or text descriptions for this kind of advertising, as more powerful and engaging means like video, images, flash etc. are boldly displayed in combination with effective content that never fails to draw the viewers’ attention. The power of display advertising can never be over emphasized in marketing campaigns, as they have proven to be much more effective than just text based ads. It is believed to be so effective because text based ads may not be enough to convince some consumers, as most people are moved with visual stimulation. To pass this exam and proceed to the other stages of the Google Ads Certification, a consultant has to master the art of display advertising and be versatile with it.

Why Display Advertising?

For effective marketing campaigns and branding, it is important to know what consumers want, what moves them and what will eventually motivate them to be willing to make a purchase and accept what you’re offering. With display advertising, agencies or marketers are guaranteed far reaching results. These are some of the outcomes of display advertising:

1.    The Google Display network makes use of display advertising and is very effective in reaching high potential customers are actively involved in online content that are tailored to specific areas of business. This technology ensures target audiences are reached by displaying adverts related to the content type across a wide range of websites.

2.    Display advertising decreases the bounce rate of site visitors and engages potential customers, making them spend more on the site and therefore increasing the probability that they’ll be converted to consumers and longtime site visitors.

3.    It increases the potential of search marketing and sponsored advertisements, as potential customers are more likely to take a desired action after watching display ads.

For effective campaigns and to pass the Google Display Advertising Advanced Exam, marketers, business owners and consultants alike are required to master the different formats used for these display advertisements and how to effectively combine them to achieve the desired results. These are text, image, video and rich media ads.

In order to run a successful display advertising campaign, it is advisable to follow the rules and engage in the following practices:

·         Write a strong and persuasive call to action, the display ads are meant to communicate with your viewers and potential consumers, not just for entertainment. At the end of the day, what makes your campaign successful is your conversion rate. Be clear, concise and straight to the point in your call to action, and make it a point of duty to pass across a clear message on what you want your consumer to do.

·         Entice them with side effects like prices and promo. Including the cost of your product or service in the display ad may turn out to be a good idea.

·         Use a sensible blend of colors, fonts, images and color schemes. Make use of colors that match and won’t fade in the background, and make sure the fonts are attractive and easy to read. Don’t be afraid to experiment, use different blends and choose the best.

·         Make sure your url or landing page is easily accessible and boldly displayed on the display ad.

All these and many more are covered extensively in the Display Advertising Advanced Exam.