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Posted : December 2, 2017

Educational institutions are using Google Cloud on a global basis to expand their learning opportunities. With more than 80 million individuals studying on the platform, faculties are using the available tools to educate students from kindergarten to grade 12 and higher. As a result, the Google Cloud portfolio has expanded to keep up with the growing demand.

Northeastern University used the technology study the Zika virus, with an approach based on computations and mathematics. A model was created to study how the spread of the virus could affect different populations. Brazil was a focal point due to the widespread appearance of the virus in the country and using data layers that included the number of mosquitoes, the temperature and travel patterns, researchers were able to predict how other locations would be impacted with new infections.

The Modelling of Biological and Socio-Technical Systems Lab at the University used Preemptible Virtual Machines and the Google Compute Engine to create millions of simulations. They could also analyze the data quickly with these tools, which is critical when studying the outbreak of any disease.

The tools must allow researchers to analyze data on a large scale at great speed. Using the information collected, researchers were able to create an incidence map of the infections in December 2016. It projected the infections that were expected by late February 2017, with a detailed account of the projections for specific areas in Brazil.

At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Mr. Andrew V. Sutherland also uses the Compute Engine along with Persistent Disk to calculate some of the objects for the L-Functions and Modular Forms Database. This database is a mathematical objects atlas that is used by mathematicians, computer scientists and physics specialists on a worldwide basis. Google Cloud hosts the vast LMFDB Web servers and millions of people globally are able to administer the system through the Google Cloud platform.

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