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Posted : May 4, 2016

The web browser wars have been waging for some time, and the battle for being the top browser has long been won by Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE). According to the latest data released by market tracker NetMarketShare, Internet Explorer has been dethroned as the most used desktop web browser; for the first time, Google Chrome has edged out the competition and become the leader of the web browser popularity contest. According to NetMarketShare data, for the month of April Google Chrome saw 41.66% of all desktop web browser traffic. With competitors Mozilla’s Firefox, Apple’s Safari, and Internet Explorer in its rearview mirror, Google Chrome has become the leading web browser of choice for users.

Source: NetMarketShare

Why is this news? Well, Microsoft has continuously lead the web browser game with Internet Explorer, so it comes as a surprise that it has been defeated for the first time. Some may say that Internet Explorer fell short of the leading place in the past, which may be true. But this marks the first time that the consensus of all reputable data and market trackers place Google Chrome in the top spot. From its debut in 2008, Chrome has steadily gained user share, but has not been able to overtake Internet Explorer for the title of most used web browser. However, Internet Explorer and its newer modernized browser colleague, Edge, have seen declining numbers of user shares in recent years.

What makes Google Chrome’s “most popular” ranking more impressive is that Internet Explorer comes bundled as the default browser with the Windows operating system (except for Windows 10, which uses Edge.) And on any Mac, Safari is the default browser. This means that in order for Windows or Mac users to choose Google Chrome as their default browser, they must go to the effort of manually installing it and setting it as the default browser. So, Google Chrome is enjoying the fruits of these browser conversions, as it shows in the increase in their user share data.

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