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Posted : November 20, 2017

The Google Assistant Has Now Been Released in Italian and Spanish

The Google Assistant is available in a variety of different languages worldwide and on November 1 Google announced that both Spanish and Italian will soon be added to the list. Spanish will be available in Spain, Mexico and the United States while Italian will be accessible in Italy. Right now, you have the ability to use the Assistant in the following languages around the world:

  • English – Canada, US, UK, and Australia
  • Japanese – Japan
  • German – Germany
  • Korean – Korea
  • Portuguese – Brazil

During the upcoming weeks you’ll be able to access Italian and Spanish on certain Android phones that have Google Play Services and are running on Android 6 or above. Users will also be able to access the Assistant on iPhones later on in the year.

Google Assistant

The Assistant can help you with your day-to-day routine and it will quickly become your best friend. You won’t have to shout out to people any longer since you can tell the Assistant to broadcast something and it will be announced on all of the home speakers enabled in your household. Imagine telling the Assistant to broadcast the message that dinner’s ready and not have to go round up every member of the family. It’s a timesaver for sure!

There are a number of family-oriented games, stories and activities, more than 50 of them, and children under the age of 13 can create an account to enjoy a personalized experiences with their parent’s permission. Parents can manage the account through Family Link so they never have to be concerned about their children’s use of the Assistant.

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