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Posted : August 11, 2016

An announcement was made by Google that their feature called Google My Business Insights is being updated, which is great news for businesses that are analyzing their local listings. Now site owners can find out exactly how people are finding their local listings on Google and how users are interacting with them.

The new analytics provide a breakdown showing the amount of people that are viewing your listings through the use of Google Maps or Google Search. When you look at the Insights section you’ll see a graph in blue and green that shows you the total amount of views along with the specific number of views coming from the Maps and Search functions.

As well, you’ll find out whether users have found your listing through a search or a direct click. When a viewer has come across your business address or name by searching for it specifically this is called “Direct”. When a person finds a listing through a search for a service, product or category it’s called a “Discovery”. You’ll see how customers are searching for your business on a user-friendly chart that illustrates in blue and green how many users are finding your listing through a “Discovery” or a “Direct” method.

Along with the upgrade comes the removal from the dashboard of the Google+ statistics. This is now coming into effect so be on the watch for it. These new analytics can be used to determine the type of listings that need to be further addressed for better ROI results. Find out more about these updates and how they can help your business by calling Qode Media at 416-208-0157 today.