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Posted : October 7, 2016

It’s been approximately 2 years since we’ve seen the Penguin algorithm first introduced by Google, and we’ve been waiting with baited breath since that time for a new update. Fortunately, Google has recently announced a new update with Penguin now operating in real time and as part of the core algorithm.

Back on May 12, Google updated its mobile-friendly algorithm to benefit websites that were mobile-friendly on mobile search. In February, 2016, major changes were made to Google Ads and ads appearing in the right-hand column were completely removed. A lot of commercial searches instead showed 4-ad blocks at the top of the search pages. As a result, there was quite a shakeup of competitive keywords CTR for organic and paid results.

Possum Algorithm Update

You’ve probably already heard about the Panda, the Hummingbird and the Penguin update, but there has been another update on the horizon and it’s called the Possum update. Experts gave the latest Google revision this name because some local business listings appear to be gone but in fact they’re just playing possum.

Some businesses started to notice that their listings weren’t appearing and thought that they were gone. In fact, they were filtered. This appears to be the largest update in local listings since the Pigeon update in 2014.

Businesses that are located outside the limits of the city are now seeing a rise in ranking. Before this update it was difficult for a business that was located outside the physical city to appear in the listings for that city. Even when the keywords included the name of the city, these listings had a very hard time ranking. Now that has changed and businesses close to a city but not in it can also see a rise in rank.

Duplicate Results

This algorithm also offers sophisticated filtering methods for duplicate results. Google now takes note of matching phone numbers, identical addresses and links heading back to the same website. If there is any type of ownership affiliation, even with different phone numbers, addresses and names, one of the sites may be filtered out. It won’t show up in the Local Finder but you are able to see the listings that have been filtered when zooming in on the map.

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