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Posted : June 13, 2013

The advanced Search exam is one of the three Advance exams that are required to be taken to acquire the Google Ads certificate. After successful completion of the Fundamental exam, one would be required to take the other certification exam. The Advance Search exam is usually more complicated in its questions in comparison to that of the Fundamental exam as it requires a far greater level of concentration. I must also point out here and now that the Advance exam is a feat that can be overcome by anyone would follows the same principle of study as they did in the Fundamental exam.

Preparing for the Exam
Like all the other exams made available by the Google Ads, the Advance Search exams are also set in multiple choice question format. The same techniques applied when preparing for the Fundamental exam is applicable here. Study materials are also made available on Google Ads Learning Center for your practice. Study these materials carefully and make your own detailed but summarized notes to enhance understanding. With the right experience in managing account, you can have an advantage but does not guarantee success if you take for granted the materials provided in the Study Guide.
Watch videos and take down notes where necessary. After watching the videos and making notes the very first time, I’d suggest you take out time to study the note so as to acquaint yourself with such information you just received. Try out some exercises by clicking the “Try it now” icon on the screen. Remember this is just an exercise for the real exam. If you have done these exercises a few times, you can test yourself on your speed level. Since this exam is a little more tasking than that of the Fundamental exam you took earlier, it would require efficient speed in completing the exam in reasonable timing.
The Advance Search Exam Specifics
The format for the exam is similar in timing and question numbering to the Fundamental exam. The questions are about 100 and the allocated time is 120 minutes. The Advance exams are only valid for one year unlike the Fundamental exams that have a validity of two years. Unlike the Fundamental exam were you can take a break for some minutes (especially if you got time at your advantage), you may find it rather difficult to play with your time on this exam.

This is more because the questions are tasking and require more brain work. Complete this task successfully and you are now an Google Ads professional and you will be rewarded with a shiny certificate, a listing in the individual directory, and your own profile page.

Once you begin the exam, you will immediately be notified that you cannot access any other browser or any other feature on the computer while the exam is in progress. Once the timer starts counting for the exam in progress, the timer cannot be paused. So ensure you make as much visit to the restroom as you possibly can. Find a quiet place in your house to take the exam. Take a deep breath in and exhale and you can begin your exam.

For questions you are not entirely sure of the answer, Google Ads provides the option of marking a question for review before clicking on the “Next” button. It is advisable you do not waste much of your time on questions you are not sure of. After answering the last question, Google Ads would automatically bring those marked questions back for you to answer. Well planned out exam timing would afford you the extra time to review your marked question and think them through more properly before providing your answer.

Topics often covered are
– Google Ads API; its benefits and comparison to Google Ads Editor
– Search funnels
– Ad Rank and Quality Score in determination of bid and Ad Position
– Landing page best practices
– Ad scheduling
– Conversion optimizer and CPA bidding
– How to calculate the lifetime value of a customer
– Finding search term data
– Understanding performance, growth and profitability
– Assisted clicks, conversions, impressions
– Site links and Ad extensions

As you can rightly see, some of the topics covered are contained in the Fundamental exam package. For this reason we often advise that you should consider taking this exam in close proximity to the time of taking the fundamental exam. Read the materials in the Learning Center effectively and you are sure to scale the exam.


By Candy Lowe