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Posted : June 5, 2013

If you’re an ardent user of the internet and search engines, you would no doubt have come across Google and its numerous products and application. Google, as a search engine giant, aggregates information and stores them in its vast database and makes it readily available to users whenever and wherever it is needed. Unlike in the days of old when one would need to visit a library and flip pages upon pages to correlate information for a research purpose.

These days a user need just key in a search query and Google, acting as an electronic library would produce search results in the order of priority. Google generally does not charge or accept any form of payment to place these information or document. It is for this reason that it has an enormous database of information.

As a result of the traffic that Google receives at any given time (due to frequent search queries from users), marketers all over the world saw an opportunity to invest and utilize this forum to reach out their products and services. Google on seeing the advantage and benefits it has to promote businesses all over the world came up with a package known as Google Ads.

If you are very observant, you would have noticed some ads which usually appear on the right hand side of Google page or just directly above your search results. Google Ads serves as Google’s advertising program that allows business oriented individuals or companies to create simple and attractive ads that pop up whenever a user searches for a query related to the product or service.

Benefits of using Google Ads

One of the questions that immediately come to mind if you are just hearing about Google Ads would be that of its importance and relevance to promoting ones business. As a business person, you would realize the relevance of being able to send you products to the right customers at the right time. What Google Ads does is that it presents your ads to the search engine user in such a way that it aligns with their respective search results.

You can always be certain that your ads would be seen by millions of users all over the world. Another benefit worthy of note among others would be its ROI (Return of Investment). Placing these ads on Google cost relatively cheaper than any other conventional means of marketing. With an immeasurable potential customer base, one is sure to smile to the bank.

Joining Google Ads program

You may now be wondering how to belong or be a partaker of this marketing program. It is really not as difficult as you may think. Google has made available Google Ads certification examinations to be able to certify individuals that are likely to join their partnership team. Exams! Yes examination. Before you take a quick run from this page, allow me to expantiate more.

These exams are really no big of a deal if you go through Google’s learning center where you would come across totally free, well laid out training lessons that centers on and covers entirely the Google Ads program. Ensure you take these training lessons in the very same sequence in which they are laid out for you. This will enable you to easily comprehend lessons. Trust me on this one, you would be laughing your way all through the exam when you have successfully studied these lessons.

With this stated facts, I really don’t see why you should not start considering becoming a partner with the largest search engine providers and expanding your business frontiers.


By Candy Lowe