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Posted : June 20, 2013

Taking any of the Google Ads certification program exams would require a great deal of devotion on your part. Having experience on the Google Ads program does not mean negligence on your part towards the resources made available in the Learning Center. If you are one of the new-comers to Google Ads or this would be your very first exam (congratulations!), I’d recommend making use of the Google Ads Online Classroom Webinars. Google Ads offer two different types of certification; Individual Google Ads certification and the Company Google Ads certification package. Taking the Individual Google Ads certification exam would require one to take two exams; Fundamental and Advance Exams. The focus of this guide is to educate us on how to pass these exams. The fundamental exam is quite easy to pass in comparison to that of the Advance exams. The Advance exam comprises of three exams and you are required to choose any one from among the three and the Fundamental exam for you to be eligible for certification (having successfully passed both exams).

Advance Display Exam layout

The test comprises of 98% Display Network and YouTube advertising, while the other 2% are questions related to Search Fundamental and Search Network. This other 2% should not be any problem for you since you have already taken the exam on advertising Fundamentals. This exam is slightly different from the Fundamental exam as it has just 110 questions that are to be completed in a time frame of 120 minutes. This gives you about 1 minute for each question. So except you really got supersonic speed to check and find answers, I’d advise you sit down and study real hard. All the questions are multiple choice questions with have four (4) option types to choose from. In this exam, a pass is scoring at least 70% as opposed to 85% of the Advertising Fundamental exam. You can wipe that smile off your face now. Study hard and you would come out in flying colors! Try taking this exam few days after you took the Advertising fundamental exam. This way you would still be able to remember most of the stuffs you read on the fundamentals and you would not need to start from the very beginning. Take a day’s rest and continue to brush off on your new materials.

Tips on passing Google Ads Advance Display Exam

The step already outline in passing any of the Google Ads certification exams still hold true here. Keep them to heart and you are already on your way to success. I would like to just add a few more passing tips to enlighten you on the Advance Display exam.

  • Stick to your Study Guide

Before writing or taking any exams, research materials are provided for one to get equipped with all available knowledge. With the Advance display exam, a study guide is provided by Google in their Google Ads Learning Center for you to study. Never fall into the temptation of ignoring the guide and spend endless time reading other materials you got outside their Learning Center. I am not saying those foreign materials contain junk information, but for a more effective study process, you should stick more to Google’s study guide. Most of the questions that would be asked on the Advance display take root from this Study Guide.

  • Utilize the YouTube Tools

From experience I have discovered that the Advance Display exams contain questions that are related to YouTube advertisement and all the ways to maximally exploit the advertising opportunities of YouTube. If you have taken out time to read their materials you would have come across some YouTube tools that are designed to train you, with regular practice, on their use. Pay maximum attention to these videos and take down your own summarized notes to aid remembrance. The key is to ace the exams with any little bit of information.

  • Differentiate between video ads format

If you have been paying keen attention to your lessons, you would know by now that there are different types of video ads format that one can use in advertising. Understand these differences as they will come in handy during the exam.

  • Placement targeting, CPC and CPM

Before you deem yourself ready to take the Advance Display exam, you should already have a good understanding on placement targeting, CPC and CPM especially if you are not new to Google Ads. As a new comer, there is still no cause for alarm as you can easily study and practice with Google study tools at the Learning Center before taking the exams. You should know when and how efficient it is to use either the automatic or managed placement targeting. Understanding the concepts of CPM and how it competes favorably with the CPC.

  • Quality score on Display Network

Try practicing with the Ad Builder tool so you will be able to dominate the different ads format that is available for the Display Network. Know and fully understand what quality score is all about and how to use it. Also ensure you practice with the Ad Planner tool as questions often come from here during the course of writing the exam.


By Candy Lowe