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Posted : April 13, 2017

Five Reasons To Get a Shared Office Space

Weather you are a tech startup or a web designer, shared office spaces are increasing in popularity at an extremely rapid rate. Here are five reasons why investing in a shared office space is worth it:

With the ever evolving landscape in today’s consumer markets, business’ are changing hands and spaces more often than ever. Shared office spaces offer short term leases (many on a month to month basis). You have the stability of a constant space to work in with the ability to leave or change your lease month to month depending on your needs.

As a small startup or private contractor, finding the money to spend on technology and equipment can be hard. With shared TV’s, printers and phone services, shared office spaces help to keep your overhead low, while giving you the services you need to thrive.

Cost differs with different rates depending on what you need. Shared spaces offer flexibility to meet your needs, while also offering room to grow as your company does, without the hassle of changing locations.

Working at home can be comfortable but has a plethora of distractions. Having a workspace to go to lets you get work done – without any distractions.

By being in a shared space you have the opportunity to meet like-minded people. Collaboration and community spark creativity and ideas. Startups and private contractors can thrive off of the opportunity to brainstorm new concepts, elaborate upon already existing plans, and even partner up on similar projects.

A shared office space offers you a community of support, technology and collaborators, something working from home can’t. Qode Media will be launching a new shared office space soon, called Quantum Space. Get in touch with us to see if you’re a good fit!