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Posted : December 13, 2019

Engagement-Based Email Marketing

As the year 2019 comes to a close, we take a look at the top trends for digital marketing and find that engagement-based email marketing​ is one of the leaders. Trends come and go year after year and marketers must always keep their fingers on the pulse of the changes. This is the only way to keep a competitive edge above others in the industry, to generate leads, grow a business and establish more relationships with potential and existing customers.

Engagement-Based Email Marketing

Email marketing has to remain as smart as the people that are receiving the emails. Nowadays, people are more reluctant to sign up for emails and even when they have subscribed to a list, it doesn’t mean that they will automatically open all the emails sent to them. You must prove yourself to your subscribers so that they will automatically click on your emails in their inboxes.

Smart email marketing includes nurturing your customers with quality content in emails including any updates about your business. Once you have an email recipient that opens your emails, he has the potential to become a loyal customer. On the other hand, a subscriber that has been opening the emails for a long time should be considered dormant and no longer send any emails.

Identifying Behaviours

In order to send out the proper emails to a list of subscribers, they should be first placed into separate categories and segments. This should be done based on their behaviors and this data can be found using applications and tools by savvy marketers. Different segments can be created based on a variety of criteria. This allows marketers to better-target their emails for different segments.

Engagement-based emails​ include emails that only contain plain text. This text is very individualized for the targeted users and promotes more personalized communication. In this day and age, emails containing graphics may be considered to be spam by many companies offering email storage. Plain text emails are the best solution to get around this while at the same time improving the engagement rate.

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