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Posted : December 9, 2012

Inbound marketing is one of the most essential parts of advertising that your business should not pass on. Because it provides great results, inbound marketing should be part of your company advertising. Even if you are not familiar with it, but want to make it part of your marketing approach, you can learn the skill-set that you need to have in order to execute a good inbound marketing plan through this guide. Read on to learn how you can even be an inbound agency that helps companies create and implement inbound marketing to boost their overall conversion and sales rate.

Four Core Services of Inbound Marketing

There are four core services of inbound marketing that inbound agencies provide. Through this core services, your client’s inbound marketing should follow the three main steps in a successful inbound marketing plan.

  • Traffic Generation
  • Lead Generation
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Reporting/Analysis

These services are the building blocks of the three-step formula of an effective inbound marketing.

  1. For a client’s website to Get Found, inbound marketing agencies provide traffic generation services.
  2. This should be followed by Conversion which is done through lead generation and customer acquisition.
  3. Lastly, the Analyzation process is done through reporting of the results.

Traffic Generation, Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition

For a client’s website to get found, an inbound agency performs various traffic generating strategies. These strategies are carried out through several methods.

  • Search engine Optimization

Search engine optimization service is provided by inbound agencies to client’s website so that more people can be aware of the website. By effectively optimizing a website to be more search engine friendly, the chances of this website to be found increases dramatically.

  • Content Creation

Content creation is also another service provided by inbound agencies to let netizens be aware of the client’s website. By creating useful updates through blogging, more and more people will appreciate the information or service that the website provides, therefore, more and more people will frequently visit the website of the client.

  • Social Media

Another traffic generation and lead generation strategy that an inbound agency provides is social media marketing. Through this profitable method, a client’s website can generate leads which will be their prospective customers.

Cultivating the leads into customers is the essential part of inbound marketing as a whole, thus, utilizing social media to get points across and attract visitors is really crucial.

  • Lead Generation

Lead generation services is responsible in lead generation and customer acquisition because they are the main ways to get the message across and have people accomplish your goals, which is for them to sign up or buy the client’s products and services.

By creating landing pages that have clear and persuasive calls-to-action, an inbound agency is able to convert their generated traffic into valuable leads.

  • Email Marketing

Email marketing is another inbound marketing strategy that converts traffic into leads and generate sales. Through effective email marketing, a client’s business will be able to acquire new customers and increase their conversion and sales rate quite efficiently.

Knowing how to properly create promotional emails by learning proper email formatting is essential. Because good formatting and presentation of products will make prospective customers purchase products, they should be considered carefully.

Results Analyzation

After executing all of the mentioned services above, reporting or analyzation of results is the final service that inbound agencies should provide. By accurately measuring the results of the performed strategies, both clients and inbound agencies will be able to determine the effective methods that efficiently get traffic, generate leads and acquire customers.

By utilizing various metrics to measure results, inbound agencies are able to create a report that states the success of the services that they have provided. Through this report, inbound agencies can formulate new strategies that will improve the inbound marketing method that they provide to their clients. Thus, they can enhance their inbound marketing strategy that they specifically tailor according to the needs of their client’s business.