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Posted : January 8, 2018

SEO doesn’t mean anything unless it has an effective strategy behind it. There are a lot of actions that you can take in order to try to raise your rankings on Google, but without a built-in strategy, you’re doomed for failure. Many people that try to do SEO on their own don’t succeed with it because it’s not based on a strategy but on random actions alone. In order to create a strategy for your business, follow the steps below.

Keyword Strategy

Putting together a list of keywords is a great start for SEO but it doesn’t stop there. Keyword building should be an ongoing effort since unexpected keywords are sure to be discovered as your business expands. There should be regular maintenance on keywords and an easy-to-access list where more keywords can be added easily as they appear.


A thorough analysis should be done before starting any type of SEO and all of the key metrics should be examined weekly after that. You must stay on top of your website and your campaigns in order to achieve success with them. The numbers speak for themselves and your marketing should be based on an unbiased analysis that is performed regularly. Set up a day of the week when the analysis will take place and make this a part of your effective SEO strategy.


Once you have a strategy in place it’s time to start testing new campaigns and you should also test different elements on your web pages. Testing and tweaking will give rise to innovative thinking that can become a part of your strategy. Some of the most effective marketing campaigns were founded on innovation. When you combine innovation with analysis, you can find gold at the end of the rainbow.

A Realistic Budget

Take everything one step at a time as your budget allows and remember that as long as these statistics are rising, your company is heading in the right direction. Don’t get lost with all of the things that need to be done but instead focus on what you can afford right now. Baby steps can turn into giant leaps if you continue to persist with your marketing efforts.

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