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Posted : December 21, 2012

  1. Email and social media

Because social media and email marketing are both great marketing channels, many best-in-class B2B marketers have started integrating both in their marketing campaigns.


Trying to find the right audience is quite hard in email marketing because marketers have no way in knowing the buyer persona of their audience. But when they integrate their email marketing with their social media, they experienced a great increase in click-through: 370% higher via LinkedIn and 190% higher via Twitter.

Email marketing is a great tool in reaching out to the audience and social media is great for determining a marketer’s buyer persona. That’s why both should be integrated into a powerful marketing campaign. Marketers can determine their audience’s buyer persona with the help of social media while they can reach out to their targeted audience through email marketing.

      2. Social Media

Because many people consider social media to be unimportant, many marketers tend to make the mistake of ignoring it and not using it on their marketing campaigns. But by using social media, they can easily reach out to their audience and make them share and publicize their ads and offers.

By enabling others to ‘share and like’ a post, marketers are making a good decision in making their offers go noticed and appreciated by people.

   3.   Online Events

Aside from great social media and email marketing integration, having an online event is also great for generating a great source of leads, developing thought leadership and having useful source of content for various campaigns such as blogging.

Because online events is a useful way in approaching people and giving them something that they can benefit from, many business owners hold online events to get the attention, interest and trust of their target audience. By providing something to the masses, they are able to pull off a great online event while having the chance to gather leads.

    4.      Blogging

Having a relevant and informative blog will greatly help your social media marketing. Because marketers and business owners can regularly update their blogs, this can be a great SEO tool that will help you get more subscribers and customers.

By integrating clear and attractive calls-to-action, they can make their blogs or websites a very good lead generating tool.

    5.      Landing Pages

Having an attractive yet simple landing page can be a key in generating a great number of leads. By making your landing page unique and informative, you can make their audience accomplish their goals and sign up for webinars, subscribe to newsletters and buy products. Integrating this with everything above will make into a great marketing campaign that every online marketer should have.

    6.      Website Intelligence

By using proper tools and analytics, business owners are able to identify and track their audience. With the help of these tools, they can easily determine their audiences and their wants, needs and challenges, which they can try to provide to the best of their abilities.

    7.      Integrated Analytics

Having integrated analytics on various marketing campaigns will enable marketers to monitor their success. By having an integrated and comprehensive analytics, they are able to gather viable leads, improve their marketing strategies and continuously develop their campaigns.

Having a holistic marketing campaign that has all the necessary marketing tools and analytics will surely give room to having a comprehensive marketing strategy that can produce solid results, which can get bigger and better over time.