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Posted : March 23, 2016

You already know that having astellar website is key to your business’ online success, but have you unlocked the marketing goldmine that social media offers? Many business owners believe that a great website can stand-alone as their online representation, but in this day in age, social media is king of the online castle. Building a social media marketing strategy that is effective and eye-catching takes skill and know-how, but when you reach the summit, the benefits are limitless! Here’s how your business can benefit fromeffective social media marketing:

Your content gets noticed (by a lot of people)

The biggest social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, are a part of the general public’s everyday life. Your consumers are checking their profiles every day, in most cases. Therefore, when a business presents valuable content by posting their latest blog to their Facebook page, or tweeting a link to their most popular products, a vast network of people can see and interact with that content. Also, if you utilize multiple social media platforms, content can be dispersed over each, exposing it to the masses. The best part is that if your customers like what they see they will share your content, spreading it across an even larger network of people! Content is key, and great head turning content will drive traffic to your website, and result in more conversions than just hoping people stumble upon your website.

Interactivity with your audience

Consumers are more connected than ever to their favourite brands and businesses via social media. They are an invaluable resource to any company, because it’s all about what they want. Customers can provide instant feedback, comments, or complaints through your social media channels- it’s like having a focus group at your fingertips! The customer knows best, and their reactions to your online content will help your business determine what is working, and what could use some improvement.

Improves your Google rank

When your business has a reliable reputation online, and your audience interacts with your content, Google takes note. Social media posts are a great opportunity for backlinking to your website. This drives up the popularity of your webpage, and expands your business’ online presence. In simple terms, the more popular your website, the easier it will be to find.

The world of social media marketing can be tricky, if you aren’t familiar with it. We know you think Qode Media is Toronto’s best SEO and Internet marketing company, but wait until you see what Qode Social can do for your business.