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Posted : August 15, 2017

Accelerated Mobile Pages commonly known as AMPs first hit the market in February 2016 and since that time it has become more critical than ever to use them on your site. A website should generate these types of pages to take advantage of their various benefits. They load quickly and Google recognizes that this is especially necessary for mobile users that are using their devices to access the Internet.

When AMP was first introduced it was only supported by Google Mobile search results but as time went by the Google+ app amongst others embraced it. Now, Google Feed is adding AMP links as well and you can tell these links apart from the other ones with the lightning bolts you see as a small badge beside them.

Android users have been waiting for quite a while to be able to access AMP pages on their Google Feed and now the wait is over. Google Feed is your go-to resource when you are looking for stories that are news-related and for articles. When you see these listings along with the lightning bolt icon you’ll know that the link will lead you to an Accelerated Mobile Page.

This icon is quite big and it is illuminated so even users of Android devices that are quite small will be able to notice it right away. The advantage of clicking on these AMP pages is they load faster so users won’t have to use up as much data to access them. As well, quite obviously, this is a timesaver and this is an important point to consider. People that are using their mobile devices to access the Internet are usually on the go and don’t have a minute or even precious seconds to waste. When time is of the essence, users will choose to access these faster-loading pages versus traditional pages that just can’t load as fast.

If you have a website that is mobile-friendly but you haven’t yet incorporated AMP Pages into your marketing plans, it’s time to do so now. These fast-loading pages will help increase your bottom line by enticing more viewers to click on their links.

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